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Vending Insight 50: Lockdown’s Vending Machine Rise

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 50, Lockdown’s vending machine rise, sponsored by Nayax. Nayax provides a complete solution for cashless payments, telemetry systems and management software, transforming the way vending machine businesses and other unattended automatic machines operate.

Vending Insight 50: Lockdown’s vending machine rise

Issue of the day: Lockdown’s vending machine rise (Glasgow Herald)
Journalist Maureen Sugden writes: ‘In the pre-coronavirus world, they were features of office kitchens and leisure centres that we gave scant thought to. Now, as retailers endeavour to find ways around lockdowns, vending machines are on the rise around the world…’ An interesting perspective, read it HERE

Vending Insight 50Cashless is Here To Stay (Worth)
As the pandemic continues, the adoption of contactless payments has increased but not just by consumers. Small businesses have leaned on the technology as another step to protect both their employees and customers with a hands-free alternative to exchanging cash and cards. This US perspective from Worth, is HERE

Vending Insight 50: Covid is hastening the creep towards a cashless society (The Spectator)
‘If your local pub ever reopens, don’t be surprised if one thing is missing: the till’, writes Ross Clark. But then: ‘consumers are proving unexpectedly stubborn when it comes to giving up cash.’ Really? See if one journalists world-view is in sync with your personal experience, HERE

Vending Insight 50

David Walmsley on Digital Marketing at Pandora (Computer World)
While the coronavirus pandemic provided a significant test for its business operations, guru Walmsley and his colleagues had already spent more than a year working on a digital transformation programme to help Pandora hone its omni-channel approach. Interesting stuff. If you’re heading in that direction, read it HERE

Vending Insight 50
Photo courtesy of Pandora

Following COVID-19: How coronavirus pandemic is impacting convenience services (Vending Times)
A link to a load of links! Our friends at Vending Times have compiled a long list of stories on this topic – and they’re adding to it all the time. Fancy a wee browse? Click HERE

Vending Insight 50: FreshCap Releases 3 New Functional Mushroom Beverages (PR Newswire)
Just what we’ve all been waiting for?  A company in Edmonton, Canada, has introduced, amongst other things, ‘Mushroom Coffee’.  ‘These new products are complementary to FreshCap’s existing line of premium mushroom extracts, with the additional benefit of being delicious, easy to use, and with broader appeal to new consumers just learning about the benefits of mushroom’, they say. The next big thing in the UK? Find out more, HERE

Hack against older Nespresso vending machines facilitates endless free beverage exploit (The Daily Swig)
A security researcher figured out a way to hack older Nespresso coffee machine smart cards in order to obtain virtually unlimited free drinks. The full details of ‘how?’ are HERE

Vending Insight 50
Photo courtesy of FreshCap

Nestlé Health Science turns iconic cereals into nutritional beverages
Nestlé Health Science has collaborated with Kellogg’s and General Mills to add a variety of new cereal-flavoured beverages to its Carnation Breakfast Essentials line. Where the USA leads… Take a look HERE

Vending Insight 50 2021 Predictions: Cashless Society, Autopay Systems Fueled by AI, and New Digital Banking Standards  (Fine Extra)
Across industries, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and blockchain are driving a cashless payment ecosystem forward to offer faster and more secure financial transactions. With FinTech at the forefront of this recent innovation, here are  five predictions from digital boffin Eric Sollis, regarding what’s on the horizon for the banking industry and financial institutions in 2021. HERE

This chart shows how preferred methods of payment differ around the world (World Economic Forum)
People around the world disagree to a high degree about what the superior method of payment is. As shown in a survey by Global Web Index, most South Koreans wouldn’t trade their cashless payments for anything, while in some other nations, people feel better with a big wad of cash in their pockets. HERE

That’s it for Vending Insight 50. Vending Insight 51 will be with you soon, See you then.
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