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Vending Insight 46: Ensuring Your Business Connects With Certainty

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 46, ‘Connectivity Special’, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators.

Ensuring Your Business Connects With Certainty (Telegraph)

Not only is connectivity essential between organisations and customers, but also across local, national and global locations; in offices, data centres, applications and clouds. To meet the most basic commercial goals and commitments, it is vital that organisations can store, access, manage and transfer business data securely and quickly. Full story? HERE

How Connectivity Leads To Efficiency In Trucking (Fleet Owner)

Vending Insight 46: Regardless of what the future brings, connectivity is already a reality in the trucking industry. It makes sense for all of us to find ways that connectivity can allow us to operate more efficiently whether that is coaching drivers, fixing problems before the cause on the road breakdowns and even taking advantage of platooning opportunities. More HERE

Vending Insight 46

Enhanced Connectivity Equals Better UK Productivity (UC Today)

According to recent research from O2 Business, companies throughout the UK could potentially benefit from £34.1 billion in gains from enhanced productivity with access to better connectivity. Currently, the UK is the only major advanced economy that is expected to record slowing growth in productivity this year. However, O2 believes that investing in faster connections could lead to a thriving marketplace for the UK. Hiw can tiy benefit from improved connectivity? Find out HERE

Centralised Connectivity Will Ensure Businesses Remain Secure (IT Pro Portal)

Vending Insight 46:  Cloud computing has created endless opportunities for businesses across the globe to grow and develop services, applications and platforms; as well as the choice to grow at rates that suit them. While it has provided companies with a level of choice and flexibility that hasn’t been possible before, cloud computing also opens doors to a number of risk and security issues… More, HERE

Vending Insight 46How 5G-Ready Connectivity Enables Flexible Warehouse Automation (

Digital transformation is coming to a warehouse near you. In fact, it may already be in place. Consider this: there were 4,000 robotic warehouses in operation worldwide last year. By 2025, four million commercial robots will be at work in 50,000 warehouses across the globe, forecasts say. That’s a 12-fold increase in the span of just six years… Is your warehouse next? HERE

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mass IoT Connectivity? (Information Age)

Today, it’s certainly true that industrial connections compose the majority of the IoT market: industrial IoT. Manufacturers are lining there factory floors with internet connected devices that can help deliver real-time information on individual machines and the collective. Mainly, this is to improve the product lifecycle management (PLM) of the equipment and reduce dreaded downtime. But, it’s not just on the factory floor where the IoT market will infiltrate. Good stuff, HERE

Enhanced Connectivity Could Give Businesses Major Productivity Boost Says O2 (Mobile News)

Research from O2 Business revealed that UK businesses could gain £34.1 billion in productivity boost as a result of enhanced connectivity. Better access to tools and data and less time commuting could see workers gain an extra three hours per week. At an uncertain time for the UK economy, the mobile network says that embracing developments in connectivity could solve productivity issues. HERE

Is WIFI The Missing Link In The Search For Ubiquitous, Gigabit Connectivity? (Total Telecom)

Vending Insight 46: 5G and Wi-fi: Both technologies need each other to deliver connectivity in the wide range of scenarios users expect. Additionally, technologies such as Wi-Fi Passpoint are available to help make the transition from cellular to Wi-Fi more seamless and secure… What you need to know is HERE


We hope you enjoyed this issue, Vending Insight 46. Vending Insight 47 will be with you soon. See you then.
Meanwhile, the Planet Vending & OCS Vending Insight Archive is HERE


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