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Vending Insight 45: How AI Is Changing The Retail Industry

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 45, How AI Is Changing The Retail Industry, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators.


How AI Is Changing The Retail Industry (Medium)

Globally, AI experts believe that the technology offers a wide range of applications for the retail segment. In the coming year, retail will see greater infusion of AI-based solutions in day-to-day operations. AI will definitely change the customer service cycle in retail and both retailers as well as the consumers are bound to benefit from the AI-Retail syndicate. Gen up, HERE

Vending Insight 45

How Retailers Can Adapt To A.I. And The Future Of Shopping (Forbes)

Vending Insight 45: The future of shopping will be two-fold. There will still be what might be termed traditional shopping, but a new phrase will enter the retail lexicon: transactional buying. More? HERE

AI In Retail Industry: How Big Players Increase Customer Experience (Apiumhub)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key element in the digitalization of in-store retail by personalizing the customer experience and creating a more engaged business-to-consumer interaction. According to IBMs latest study about “The coming AI revolution in retail and consumer products”, that surveyed 1,900 retail and consumer product representatives across 23 countries the adoption of AI-driven intelligent automation in the retail and consumer products industries is projected to leap from 40 percent of companies today to more than 80 percent in three years. Go HERE

Artificial Intelligence in Retail – 10 Present and Future Use Cases (Emerj)

Which AI applications are playing a role in automation or augmentation of the retail process? How are retail companies using these technologies to stay ahead of their competitors today, and what innovations are being pioneered as potential retail game-changers over the next decade? Answers, HERE

Vending Insight 45

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Retail (The Balance Small Business)

Even though not every retailer has been using it due to high costs, inaccessibility, and proprietary systems, the largest players in the retailing have been pretty active about it. It’s no wonder given the benefits AI can bring to the actual businesses. Look HERE

Top 3 AI Trends in Retail (Intelligenz)

Vending Insight 45: What time of day are your customers most likely to buy? How often do they make a purchase with you? Does the weather impact their decisions? Answers that were once impossible to know are now everyday knowledge thanks to Artificial Intelligence. More HERE

Use AI To Transform Retail Offerings (IBM)

Infographics and videos from IBM designed to get you ahead of the pack by merging enterprise data with personalized customer insights. Take a look, it’s HERE

Artificial Intelligence in Business: Balancing Risk and Reward (PEGA)

AI is far better at predicting behavior than the human mind. AI can also develop value systems we can’t explain, leading to questionable decisions that seriously impact our lives. That’s scary. But there’s a way to control that – it’s called a transparency switch. You can download a white paper on the subject from Pegasystems HERE

How the Rise of AI is Changing the Face of Retail (Honcho)

Vending Insight 45: On 19th October 2016, speaking at the opening of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Stephen Hawking said: “In short, the rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.” Although we are all hoping for the former and not the latter, it’s still too early to tell. However, the rise of AI is beginning to influence several areas of our everyday lives. Intellectual insight, HERE

Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities in Retail (Symphony Retail)

Today’s retail industry is far more fragmented and competitive than ever. Multiple store formats and an arsenal of digital tools are making shoppers more educated about choices. Digital channels also continue growing. This is particularly true in grocery, where heavy hitters like Amazon and Walmart continue to eat into the market share of traditional chains. Check it out, HERE

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