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Vending Insight 44: IFA 2019 Berlin Special

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 44, our IFA 2019 Berlin Special, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators.

IFA 2019: Artificial Intelligence, Voice and 5G Connectivity Shape the Digital World (Business Wire)

IFA 2019 opens today in Berlin. The power of data is this year’s top topic and on 8 and 9 September, numerous international speakers will look ahead to how disruptive technologies will change and shape our digital future. Get a taste if what they’ll be saying, HERE

IFA 2019: Quantum bits And AI – How These Technologies Are Shaping Our Future (IFA)

“Today, AI is all around us — filtering our news, recommending who we date, and making decisions about our finances and our health. We need that AI to put humans and humanity first, especially when its used by large consumer tech platforms.” Mark Surman, Director for the Mozilla Foundation. Good stuff, HERE

Vending Insight 44 Dataism: Construction Of A New Reality (IFA)

The same rights for humans and machines – when Artificial Intelligence devices overcome the current limits of social interaction, for instance by passing the Turing Test, they should in part gain the right to exist. Deleting their program would subsequently raise ethical questions. This is the disruptive viewpoint of Robert Sparrow, Professor of Philosophy at Monash University in Melbourne. More ideas to contemplate, HERE

In The Move Towards Cashless, Consumers Are Worried About Going Cardless (Verdict)

Vending Insight 44: Despite the growth in popularity of Apple and Android Pay, research by IDEX Biometrics ASA has revealed three quarters of UK consumers are concerned about no longer having access to a physical debit or credit card and instead having to rely on mobile payments. This indicates that the idea of a cardless society may worry UK consumers more than a cashless one. File under, ‘I never thought of that’; but first, look HERE

‘Functional Beverages’: A New Opportunity For Vending Operators? (Food Business News)

About a quarter of U.S. adults are trying to manage a health or medical condition through their diet, according to research by The NPD Group, Chicago. There’s growing interest in food as medicine, with a great deal of innovation taking place in the beverage space, where functional nutrients are delivered to the consumer in the form of a grab-and-go drink. A passing fad or a foretaste of the future? Look HERE

Vending Insight 44

Just Two ‘Diet’ Drinks  A Day ‘Increases Your Risk Of Deadly Heart Attack Or Stroke By 50%’ (Scottish Sun)

Vending Insight 44: Will there come a time when vending operators will be held to account for making this type of product available? It makes you wonder which drinks can safely be sold in vending machines… And makes the ‘functional beverages’ story abnove a must read. Follow the Sun, HERE

Vending Insight 44Iceland’s ‘Reverse Vending Machines’ Reach One Million Plastic Bottles Recycled (Climate Action)

The huge number of bottles recycled since the machines were introduced in May 2018 is especially impressive considering that only five stores – Fulham, Mold, Musselburgh, Wolverhampton and Belfast had reverse vending machines during this trial period. The public clearly approves… More HERE

Part Of The Digital Herd? There’s Still Room For Print In Omni-Channel (Marketing Interractive)

Everyone’s rushing to get onto the digital runway that modern marketers are not noticing how much print has, oddly, grown in power. We’re debunking three of the most common misconceptions about print today and why you should start charting your own omni-channel path that includes print. HERE

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