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Vending Insight 42: Near Field Communication Special

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 42, ‘Near Field Communication Special’, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators.

A Comprehensive Analysis Of NFC ( covers the more well‑known uses for NFC technology‑such as paying with your smartphone‑as well as the lesser‑known uses, from  sharing games to improving health care. You can also find a section of frequently asked questions and guides to security concerns, HERE

What is NFC? Here’s Everything You Need To Know (Digital Trends)

Though it’s primarily being used for wireless payments right now, with services like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, allowing you to leave the wallet or purse at home, Near Field Communication is capable of more. Digital Treds takes a closer look, HERE

Near Field CommunicationBest Use Cases Of NFC To Implement In 2019: Proximity Marketing Without An App (Beaconstac)

In the era of ‘AI’ and Machine Learning, it seems strange to be talking about a technology that was invented in 2002. But, what started as a corollary to RFID has evolved into a full-fledged technology of its own.Get right up to date, HERE

List Of NFC Enables Mobile Devices (Shop NFC)

The up-to-date List of all Near Field Communication enabled Smartphones and Tablets, and their Compatibility with the different types of NFC Chips can be found HERE

NFC And IoT: What You Need to Know (Very)

NFC isn’t just useful on its own—it can also be used in conjunction with other cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). From smartphones to home automation, an article that discusses the ways in which NFC and IoT intersect is HERE

What The Future Holds For NFC Technology (Thyngs)

Near Field Communication is already used for frictionless payments, multimedia experiences, transport cards, and lots more. Thyngs’ NFC technology alone has been used to launch an exclusive movie clip from a temporary tattoo, convert charity collection boxes into contactless donation points, and make smart medals. The technology has also revolutionised retail by turning in-store services into interactive experiences, speeding up transaction times and enabling quicker and speedier payments. Mind Blowing? HERE

Vending Insight 42NFC: Sales Revenue By Regional Forecast To 2023 (Expresswire)

Access a free sample of the global Near Field Communications market report – and purchase the entire report if you like – HERE

Top 4 Best NFC Payment Apps For Android Phones (Joy Of Android)

A smartphone needs an application to be able to use NFC for contactless payment. The best NFC payment apps for Android phones are HERE

Different Types Of Mobile Payments Explained (Mobile Transaction)

Statistics show that a third of UK consumers are now using their NFC-enabled phones for contactless payments in stores. Apple Pay, with their ‘limitless’ transactions, has even caused a 11% increase in the average mobile transaction total in the last half of 2017, as more and more people feel secure using their smartphones for point-of-sale transactions. HERE

NFC Payments – What Are They And How To Accept Them (Paymentsense)

NFC technology first appeared in UK debit and credit cards in 2007. The first UK brand to accept contactless payments at its outlets was Eat, the fast food chain, in 2008. However, despite advantages of NFC payments over Chip & PIN, it took longer for the public to embrace them. Then, in 2017, NFC payments took over… HERE

Vending Insight 42

We hope you enjoyed this issue, Vending Insight 42. Vending Insight 43 will be with you soon. See you then.

Meanwhile, Planet Vending’s Vending Insight Archive is HERE

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