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Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet January : A Curated Collection of Global Vending Trivia

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet January : Welcome to Tilly’s travels on t’ Internet, a collection of interesting news stories from the world of vending, micro markets and OCS.

Happy belated new year! January: a time of change, new year’s resolutions and even more developments in the world of vending. This month we have updates from Japan, America and Ireland, with everything from fresh food to future technology. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Have you ever been disappointed that you can’t have your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant at home? Well, Ringer Hut in Japan have created a vending machine selling a frozen version of their Nagasaki noodles. The brand says that this machine has boosted revenue, to the extent that they now have 26 machines located outside their restaurants. Should we have more of these types of vending machines in the UK? Find out more about this innovative expansion here.

Meanwhile in West Japan, Nara Prefecture, a company specialising in crepes, has launched an increasingly popular vending machine, causing a buzz on social media thanks to influencers documenting it. The company sells out of crepes almost every day, as the machine attracts so much attention. See more about the inspiration and products from this link.

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet January

CBD has become the latest in a trend of healthy supplements, and now HempBox are introducing a CBD product vending machine to Tanger Outlet Centres. However, this vending machine educates customers with the benefits of using CBD based products. Click the following link to find out more.

Now, we’ve all seen diet versions of our favourite drinks, but now, Buffalo, New York has come in with a new law to change the name of diet products to no sugar, with a professor quoting ‘diet drinks don’t sound very nice’. This is a response to ‘millennials’ and ‘GenZ’ not liking the word ‘diet’. To see more, click this link.

Did you know that Crypto Currency is back on the rise? According to statistics, more than a third of adults aged between 18 and 54 own crypto currency. This comes as an increase in self-serving purchases and micro markets. Are micro markets and crypto currency on the rise? Watch this space!

A new feature that I want to include in each article this year – what is the most unusual thing found in a vending machine this month? Well, January comes with a vending machine serving fresh coconut water, from a coconut, that has a hole drilled inside. These machines are only available in places such as Thailand and Singapore, costing around £2 each. January’s unusual vending find – here.

Reverse vending has become increasingly popular, and Dundrum in Dublin is no exception. This reverse vending machine also has a charitable motive, with the money raised from recycling goes towards the local Laura Lynn Hospice and Community Food Hub. I for one think these machines need to be introduced everywhere. Take a look here.

A cross over between the Eastern and Western world is happening in America. Smart Vending Inc. and CyroWerx have announced their collaboration on a vending machine. CyroWerx uses smart refrigerator technology to sell fresh food, without having to use a work force to keep it running. Well, click here and watch this space!

As we have all seen, technology just keeps on advancing, and the world of vending and micro markets is no different. At the end of 2021, a panel of experienced self-service retail experts gave an insight into what the future might hold for self service provision (spoiler, there’s a lot of innovation going on) check out the 2021 Self Service Innovation Summit here.

Finally this month, we have all had those disappointing moments when you want a snack at midnight but the shops are closed, well, Newcastle has come up with an alternative. A 24 hour vending machine store has appeared on Grainger Street, with all the sweet treats and snacks, but also playing cards and dummies for babies (what a strange combination of goods). Check out this new mysterious store right here on Planet Vending.

That’s all for Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet January! See you next month for more of vending’s interesting finds, innovations and the most unusual item found in a vending machine.

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