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Teknomat Changes Hands but For Now, it’s ‘Business As Usual’, says Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor

Teknomat UK Ltd, the supplier of European manufactured espresso machines which trades as BeanBags, has been acquired by Alwyne Davis, CEO of the Arrow Group of Companies. The deal was facilitated and ‘greatly assisted’ by Peter Hewston, Director Partner at Prime Rochesters and Michael Ward, Director Partner at Gateley Legal PLC.

Jon Taylor has joined the business as National Sales and Commercial Director and we understand that the services of outgoing Director Mike Graham have been retained.

‘Teknomat is privileged to have many loyal customers on board and with their ongoing and continuing support, I’m sure we’re in for an exciting journey’, Jon told PV. ‘We have plans to expand our operations and working closely with our customers and partners alike will be crucial in the achievement of our objectives. In one way or another, ’ve been involved in supporting the coffee industry for some time now but nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to getting my sleeves rolled up again for this new and exciting venture.’

The Synchro 1 Group, from Teknomat

Teknomat is known for its role in linking European coffee machine manufacturers and the UK coffee industry, whilst BeanBags Coffee has been supplying its artisan coffee beans to cafes, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and educational sites in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire since 2002. In that time, the coffee sector has gone from strength to strength, and BeanBags’ mission has always been ‘to support and deliver the highest possible quality to its clients,‘so they can continue to ‘wow’ their increasingly savvy customer-base’.

Teknomat UK will continue to operate out of Worminghall, close to Alyesbury in Buckinghamshire. ‘The Head Office team remains the same, headed by our experienced manager Jo Osmond who has been with the business for approaching 20 years’, Jon said.

‘Whilst it is business as usual, we are pleased to announce that we’re planning a phased expansion of the business’, Jon added. ‘Our key focus is on building our distributor sales and in-house machine rentals supporting our BeanBags Coffee brand. We’ll be improving our coffee training facilities and our Service and Installation capabilities, to bring them into line with the changing requirements of the marketplace. We’ll also be introducing what we hope will become an industry leading, national support team, dedicated to ensuring that all Teknomat customers, old and new, have all the technical back-up they deserve.’

And that’s not all: ‘We have plans to re-brand the business to better reflect our place in the market. We’ll also be expanding our product portfolio, which means we’ll also be expanding our sales force,’ Jon said.

Expobar Elegance 2 Group, from Teknomat


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