Vendex : Ferrero Foodservice Takes The Biscuit with Nutella®

Vendex North 22  Nutella® Biscuits

There’s a product at Vendex that really is ‘one to watch’… Nutella® Biscuits from Ferrero Foodservice.

Everyone in vending is talking about it and why wouldn’t they? Because if ever a snack was custom-made for grown-ups who know how to turn a quick coffee break into some serious ‘me’ time, it’s this pocket-sized taste bomb from Ferrero Foodservice.

Made with a crunchy, golden baked biscuit, the delicious recipe of the new biscuit is specially crafted to complement the creamy and unique filling of Nutella® and give consumers a premium taste experience. Each individual pack contains three biscuits and at 70kcal each, here’s a little treat that consumers can enjoy.

Nutella® BiscuitsAs the proud parent of the UK’s number one cocoa and hazelnut spread brand*, Ferrero Foodservice’s latest innovation is exciting the snack sector and helping vending operators add to their offering, by raising their biscuit game.

Vendex North 22 Nutella® Biscuits

This new product is real ‘win win’: operators can tap into the rapidly rising demand for biscuits whilst consumers get to enjoy their favourite cocoa and hazelnut spread on the go!*

‘Introducing Nutella® Biscuits to the mix, is an easy way to premiumise your biscuit snacks and add something new and exciting for consumers to enjoy’, says Ferrero Foodservice’s National Account Manager, Darren Smith. ‘This irresistible golden-baked biscuit paired with the soft and creamy Nutella® centre is truly delicious. Consumers are loving it, and early sales data from vending operators is reflecting that. If you haven’t sampled it yet, make a bee-line for Stand 5 at Vendex North.’

Nutella® Biscuits can be ordered in a case of 28 packs. Each on-the-go pack contains 3 Nutella® Biscuits and you can order yours right now from ARN, HERE

Nutella® BiscuitsThere’s more information on Nutella® Biscuits for you HERE on the Ferrero Foodservice web site.


*Source: Nielsen, Total Spreads – MAT w/e 11/06/2022

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