NIVO – On Re-usable cups V plastic/paper cups

BY: Michelle Hefferon -NIVO

Our thanks to Michelle and NIVO for their thoughts on the re-usable cups versus recyclable paper/plastic cups.

Re-usable drinking containers? We’re still not convinced!

All this year and certainly since ‘World Environment Day 2018’ we have been bombarded with articles and news about how plastics are polluting our environment. We see different environmental organisations flooding the internet with heart wrenching photographs and statistics of how bad it all is and its all our fault.

Michelle Hefferon – NIVO

Well, yes ‘humanity’ is at fault but we need to look at where in the world this problem is being caused. We need to address it head on, instead of threatening taxes for products, which quite frankly, were invented and are in use for a reason.

Looking at the re-usable cup – Are people going to carry a cup with them in their pocket/handbag? When you take a re-usable cup (usually dirty) to a coffee shop, how does the owner know that the reusable cup is bacteria free or sanitised? If someone falls ill from a drink bought in a shop that has used the customer’s re-usable cup, is the establishment liable? Would they take the risk?

We think that once a supply chain is fully established for paper/plastic cups to be recycled, this is still the best option when you are having your daily beverage ‘on the go’ . Although some routes are available now, it is ‘chicken and egg’. These need to be fully operational and be available everywhere in the country.

We’ve seen truly shocking images of the environmental impact that dis-guarded plastic packaging can have and whilst we all need to play our part, we also need to have a proper, fully understood solution(s), otherwise we risk swapping one unforeseen problem for another..

Your thoughts and comments on this subject are always welcomed and if you do want to send a comment, please get in touch with us through Planet Vending here

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PV would be interested in your views on this subject too so we’d love to open up the debate. Comment here, through WordPress, or on our Facebook or twitter feed (where you will also find this post). Should we be pushing consumers to carry their own cups or do we put our trust in the cup manufacturers and the recycling processes that our plastic/paper cups are disposed of in the best possible way?


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