NIVO: The Antidote To Awards Ceremonies

If Radio Four’s ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’ is billed as ‘the antidote to panel games’, then surely we should view the NIVO Awards as ‘the antidote to awards ceremonies.’

There was no swanky hotel, nobody wore a black-tie: instead, NIVO and guests got together on a wet Wednesday morning in West Yorkshire, in a ceremony that dispensed with formality in favour of Yorkshire flavoured self-deprecation.

He may not be a Tyke by birth, but NIVO boss Graham Kingaby has learned to do a pretty good impression. It’s said that a typical Yorkshireman is ‘a Scot stripped of his generosity’ and it’s from this adage that Graham takes his cue:

NIVO‘It’s all about recognition, not about the value of the award’, he says, tongue firmly in cheek, before describing how the winner’s champagne was purchased in the post-Christmas sales for ‘less than a tenner a bottle’; the certificates are all home made (albeit this year in stylish plastic frames) and the celebratory lunch is fish and chips at ‘The Mermaid, one of Yorkshire’s best, down the road and just next door to Asda.’

The purpose of the NIVO awards is to recognise what’s gone before and say thank-you. ‘It’s as simple as that’ Graham said, ‘so, on behalf of all NIVO members, thank-you.’

First up for recognition – from his sickbed – was Siemen’s Kevin Reed. ‘It’s an incredible result’ Graham told his audience. ‘We’ve been running these awards for eight years old now and in one category, ‘service’, the same company has won it every year.’NIVO

Accepting the award, Kevin said ‘my boss asked me to explain why we keep winning every year, he wanted to know ‘is it a gimme?’ That’s not how I see it. We have a network in the office and we all drive each other to do better each year. That’s why this award means tons to me personally and to my company. It makes me very proud and happy and I hope that next year, we can make it nine out of nine.’

Next, in the ‘Equipment’ category, Coffetek ran out winners again, in a contest that we were told had been ‘very, very close’.

Supplier of Year for Consumables, went to Aimia Foods and the inaugural winners of the ‘New Supplier Award’ went to Regency.

‘Last but not least’, Graham said, ‘over the years we have, on occasion, made an internal award, which is voted for by NIVO’s staff as well as its members. We choose winners because there’s something about the service they give, their contribution to the industry’ and so it was, to warm applause, that Stephen Hendry of Walkers rose to collect the final award.

Following which, we exited en-masse for the chippy. Awards ceremonies? That’s the way to do it!


NIVO Award Winners 2017

Equipment Supplier of the Year is Coffetek.

Either side of Graham, that’s Ian Johnston and Stuart Neal


Consumables Supplier of the Year is Aimia.

To Graham’s left, that’s James Howcroft and Paul Cryer


Business Supplier of the Year is Siemens.

Kevin Reed, Rob White and Graham


Best Newcomer to NIVO is Regency Design.

David Harkness & Julian Simpson collect their award


Best NIVO Supporting Manufacturer is Stephen Hendry of Pepsico Walkers

Stephen Hendry with Graham

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