Never miss out on a sale, with Televend’s TPAY 300 PIN on glass terminal

Cashless payments are becoming more common in vending every day. Also, regulations are following – like PIN entry on every fifth transaction. That’s why Televend has expanded its payment portfolio with the TPAY 300 PIN on a glass terminal, essential for operators looking to reduce card rejection rates at their machines.

TPAY 300 terminal is connected to the Televend Box via Ethernet cable, which enables it to use a GSM connection from Televend and to be automatically compatible with all machines on the market. Existing Televend customers will find TPAY 300 the most cost-effective option with highest value added on the market. It is perfect for locations that need the PIN entry, such as universities, hospitals, and similar public places.

The new TPAY 300 has added chip support, making payments with PIN available to UK consumers as well. It features a touchscreen with instructions for end users.

For NFC and RFID payments, Televend still offers the TPAY 200 card reader. Ideal for canteens or offices, it features easy installation and fast 1-second transaction authorization. Its adaptability to various payment methods makes it reliable and trustworthy.

Both TPAY 200 and TPAY 300 are supported across all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, digital wallets, and wearables. This wide range of compatibility ensures your customers can pay with their preferred method, enhancing their satisfaction and your business’s success.

*If you want to schedule a free demo with the Televend team to see how TPAY 200 and TPAY 300 can transform your payment systems, click here to ensure you never miss out on a sale.

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