Nayax UK Appoints Nick Norris as Technical Sales Manager for Pulse Machines

Nick Norris

Nayax has welcomed Nick Norris to their UK Team. Nick will be Nayax’s Technical Sales Manager for Pulse Machines, in charge of a wide variety of products and business verticals.

Nick has twenty-plus years of experience working with payment systems in several environments and he has a strong technical background. After receiving a BTech in electrical engineering, he started working as a tech support agent before advancing to engineering and then sales. His tech background is a huge asset in the world of pulse machines, as pulse machines are not necessarily plug and play and require more complex integrations.

“Most of my career was spent working with coin-operated machines, but since 2020, we’ve noticed a huge shift towards cashless that was driven by end-users,” says Nick. “I’m excited to join a global cashless payment company and be able to offer business owners not only the payment options that they need, but also management and loyalty tools to help them grow their businesses even faster.”

Nick’s sales strategy strongly focuses on technical solutions. His desire to solve problems and to help business owners find ways to improve their bottom line is his driving force. Nick will be joining the Nayax team at EAG in London on January 10- 12 and is looking forward to meeting with friends new and old during the show.

Eighty different forms of payment, in 40 currencies

Lewis Zimbler

Nayax’s offering includes the acceptance of eighty different forms of payment in 40 currencies, including EMV contact and contactless payments, credit cards, prepaid cards, and cash. It also includes a management and telemetry suite that helps operators monitor revenue and machine performance, and consumer engagement solutions to build a loyal customer base.

“We are excited that Nick is joining our team,” says Lewis Zimbler, General Manager of Nayax UK. “His experience in both sales and technology is a huge benefit to us in our efforts to provide merchants and operators with a leading payment solution.”

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