Ivendit chooses Nayax as its preferred contactless payment provider.

Ivendit, the mini luxury fragrance vending machine operator, has selected Nayax to be its exclusive cashless solution provider. Monyx card readers with telemetry capabilities, will be installed onto all vending stations, bringing multiple cashless payment options to selective Casino & Hotel consumers throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

Introducing telemetry and remote monitoring will enable Ivendit to manage their machines remotely, by accessing real-time sales data and other machine activity on line. With the full network of machines soon to be relocated across the UK, Nayax will help Ivendit to streamline its operations.

‘Upgrading our stations from coin to cashless was a top priority over during lockdown’, said Ivendit owner Steve Gibbon, ‘so we focussed on acquiring an all-inclusive solution that would help us monitor our sales and operations. The compact Onyx contactless card reader from Nayax turned out to be the perfect match for our designer mini fragrance vending stations.

In selecting the Nayax product, Ivendit has the perfect supplier to meet all our needs, including cashless payment via credit card and mobile apps, cashless clearance and telemetry.The huge consumer swing in favour of contactless payments shows no sign of abating and we’re look forward to working with Nayax in the years to come.’

Lewis Zimbler

Lewis Zimbler, Nayax UK Marketing Director told PV,  ‘we’re delighted to be providing support to Ivendit and to become the exclusive supplier of cashless payments devices to the company. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce solutions that are flexible and can work for differing market needs, and we’re happy Ivendit has found the complete package in us. We’re excited to be collaborating with Ivendit and help them boost their opportunities as they upgrade their business operations.’

PV’s Bluffer’s Guide to Ivendit

(Information is supplied by the company.) Ivendit is Europe’s only dedicated mini luxury fragrance vending machine operator. Our vending stations are available for placement in the vast majority of European city capital locations. Ivendit deals with the full operation of siting, stocking and ongoing service of all machines with single vend sales ranging from £10 to £100, thus enabling a very generous profit share with all installed sites. In addition to the vend stations, Ivendit is aiming for a further launch during November, featuring a direct sales, door-to-door gift service embracing an impressive selection of luxurious mini fragrances.

So, now you know!

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