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Innovative Technology : 365 Retail Markets emerges as the winner for customers seeking to automate unattended retail.

Innovative Technology : 365 Retail Markets realised before the pandemic that if it was to maintain its steep upward trajectory, the business would have to develop fresh and innovative ways to attract new partners and clients.

Speaking to PV just before the first lockdown, the President of 365 International, John Chidiac, outlined the businesses opportunity; approximately 40% of US organisations with over 200+ people have a MicroMarket on campus. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that, at some point in the near future, the entire market will be covered.

In order to address this fact and maintain momentum, 365 has introduced Innovative Technology in the form of the PicoMarket, a small versatile standalone kiosk that can be placed in any type or size location. This self-service device gives operators many grab-and-go opportunities and is a lower cost than traditional vending. It offers both cellular & hardline connectivity and is the advanced technology for this decade and the future.

The 365 PicoMarket is a part of the PicoPlatform, which includes Innovative Technology such as the PicoCooler and coming soon, PicoCooler Breeze.

The PicoCooler is a high-tech cooler that can be locked or unlocked, which allows customers to grab-and-go just like a micro market. The optional security allows customers to use it in high-traffic/open locations like gyms and shared spaces or closed/controlled spaces like offices or universities.

The PicoCooler Breeze offers the same self-service innovation but with added weighted shelving that helps reduce shrinkage and increases security.

‘…you can operate on a lower budget than would be required to deliver a traditional vending solution.’

‘In organisations of 10-199 employees, the capital investment required to install a micro market and get it up and running can be too great a risk’, John explained, ‘but the potential of this sector is vast. In the US, there are 85,000 companies with over 250 people on board and close to a quarter of a million that are below that level of employees. That’s too big a marketplace to ignore so, we’re not going to ignore it.’

 Innovative Technology‘Thanks to the PicoMarket even if you are catering for fewer people, it’s now possible to bring your customers the same level of self-service Innovative Technology enjoyed elsewhere’, John said. ‘You can also improve your office coffee service or streamline the checkout experience to avoid peak-time bottlenecks. This device was built to be flexible enough to fit you and your consumer’s needs.’

So, what is it about PicoMarket that is, evidently, ticking so many buyers’ boxes? ‘First and foremost,’ John said, ‘you can operate on a lower budget than would be required to deliver a traditional vending solution. PicoMarket specifically brings operators unlimited revenue opportunities and provides multiple ways to pay: 365Pay, Apple Pay; Google Pay, contactless credit card reader. The ice cream on the jelly is that PicoMarket offers quick and easy installation and endless product options – snack rack, coolers, freezers, pantry, and more.

‘I mentioned the ratio of small versus large companies in the US earlier, but in Europe there is an even greater disparity’, John said in conclusion. ‘There are many, many companies of around 100 people. The other consideration that is an important factor in Europe, which applies to a lesser extent in America is space. Fitting a micro market in a company in a European city, where real estate is so expensive, is an issue – but we have proven over and over that there is always space to fit one of our smallest most versatile POS, the PicoMarket.

‘The PicoMarket is a great way to start into unattended retail and is operators’ choice of self-service technology to automate retail’, John said.

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