Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks on site: ‘It’s a perk staff appreciate, and it won’t cost you the earth’, says Elyas Coutts

Healthy Drinks
Elyas Coutts

Healthy drinks : Keeping your staff hydrated throughout the day by encouraging them to drink plenty of fluids is an important part of maintaining performance, (writes Elyas Coutts). Dehydration can make concentration difficult; it can bring on debilitating headaches and regular dehydration can lead to other, more serious conditions.

The answer? Make sure your staff are aware of the dangers of dehydration. Then encourage them to stay hydrated by installing a vending machine that dispenses only Healthy Drinks. And team that machine with a water cooler. It’ll prove to be one of the best decisions you make. We hear that this summer’s going to be a scorcher…

How much should we drink every day?

The NHS Eatwell Guide recommends that we drink between six to eight cups or glasses of ‘fluids’ per day to stay hydrated. But not any old fluids: water, tea, coffee, fruit juice and smoothies. That’s about your lot.

Fizzy pop and energy drinks are high in calories and contain lots of sugar and they should be enjoyed in moderation. They may taste great, but you can’t rely on them for hydration in the same way that you can rely on them to pile on the pounds.

For many consumers, the penny has dropped: ‘we are what we eat and drink!’ Maybe that’s why there’s a steadily increasing demand for great tasting, functional Healthy Drinks. If they can’t buy the ‘healthy’ option they want in the vending machine at work, then they’ll pop out to the local shop, or bring their drinks from home. Either way, their money isn’t being spent in your vending machine.

 Make it easy for your staff to look after themselves!

Having a Healthy Drinks vending machine on your premises is the ultimate in convenience for your staff. It makes grabbing their favourite juice or low-calorie option a part of everyday office life.

Water dispensers are equally important when it comes to slaking a thirst; they too make it easy for your staff to keep hydrated healthily. Crystal clear, chilled drinking water – on tap… What’s not to like?

An affordable perk that your staff will appreciate

Healthy DrinksHaving a machine vending Healthy Drinks on site is a perk staff appreciate, and one that won’t cost you the earth. And remember, as Richard Branson once said, ‘If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers. Simple.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself!

*Elyas Coutts is Chief Executive Officer at Connect Vending

Connect Vending is a leading supplier and operator of healthy drinks vending machines and water coolers. Click HEREto visit the company’s web site.

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