Out Of The Office

Out Of The Office, But Evoca Are Not Out Of Touch

Out Of The Office: In common with many businesses all over the country, Evoca UK implemented home working for its office staff before the government made it mandatory to do so.

Out Of The Office
Hervé Donneaud

‘The health and safety of staff has to be the overriding concern in these days’, MD Hervé Donneaud told PV, ‘and we concluded some time ago that by continuing to operate as normal, we would be putting our people at unnecessary risk so all our staff which can do so are now working from home. While our factory and warehouse are continuing as normal for now – ensuring deliveries of spare parts and machines to customers – we are keeping the situation under constant review and as soon as we feel it’s not desirable or safe to keep our operational teams working, we’ll close our warehouse and factory. While being extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of our staff, their health and welfare is of paramount importance and we will not continue operating if these are jeopardised in any way.’

Pictured: Evoca factory workers at their stations, 25 March

However, operators requiring Evoca services, such as Customer Services and Help Desk, will find that it is ‘business as usual’. When contact Evoca on the usual number, software has been installed for all staff, which enables calls to be answered directly on their computers when they are Out Of The Office.

‘In recent days we have been receiving fewer calls to our Help Desk, suggesting that our customers are making fewer field visits as everyone limits their travel’, Sales Director Craig Jukes told PV. ‘Having said that, we have a lot of equipment in locations such as hospitals and police stations, where people will continue to work throughout the crisis. Many of them are working to the point of exhaustion and the possibility of grabbing a coffee or a snack from a vending machine is no longer a convenience, it’s a necessity. We’re also seeing a shift to cashless systems as people look to limit the spread of the virus by stopping cash payments. At this time, it is vital that all of us in the vending industry do everything we possibly can to keep this lifeline open.

Out Of The Office

Out Of The Office
Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital

At the home of Evoca Group in Valbrembo, which is located in the Province of Bergamo in the region of Lombardy – the epicentre of the Italian coronavirus outbreak – the re-opening of business premises has been forestalled as the crisis intensifies. The company’s plants at Bergamo and Parma were scheduled to resume their activities on March 23, after 14 days of preventive closure. A new date, 3 April, has now been set by government decree but that, too, is subject to change.

Meanwhile, in recognition of the heroic work of staff at the nearby Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital, where many, many medics and ancillary staff have fallen victim to the virus, Evoca staff have been engaged in a fund raising campaign. The company pledged at the outset to ‘at least double’ the amount raised by staff and this week, the sum of 100,000 Euros has been donated to the beleaguered facility.

‘This is an expression of Evoca’s full solidarity with and proximity to the territory and to the people who are combatting this health emergency in the front line’, the company said on LinkedIn.

Out Of The Office
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