EVOCA proudly introduces two great new coffee machines for the HoReCa market

If you’ve been on the look-out for an appealing, high-tech coffee solution – at an exceptionally competitive price – then get ready for a double whammy: Krea Touch and Kalea from EVOCA may well be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The first thing you’ll see when looking at Krea Touch is that this is one seriously attractive machine with a cool, contemporary appearance that’s created by a subtle fusion of decorative lighting, chrome frame and gloss black surround. You can’t look at it without having the urge to touch it and use it, which means of course that it has more potential than most to increase your beverage sales…

Krea Touch

Its attractive, user-friendly interface ensures consumers enjoy a particularly pleasant purchasing experience, time after time. The wide touch screen perfectly presents a comprehensive drinks menu and facilitates on-screen branding and customisation, not to mention easy recipe and video content management. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, Krea boasts a built-in wi-fi feature which kicks in of there’s a machine failure, to send an e-maile alert. The chances are that you’ll know there’s a problem befre your customer does. The hi-tech features don’t end there: Krea can play videos, both in stand-by mode and to accompany specific drinks selections. Necta have gone out of their way to make Krea simple to maintain. Both the screen and the software are managed by USB and refilling the machine is easy: the top of opens, so there’s no fumbling around to get to the back!
Alternatively, check out the new Necta Kalea, which is available from 1st July. This machine is the latest way to have at your fingertips an authentic, Italian coffee experience – complete with fresh milk.

Fabulous new Kalea

Kalea has been designed to sit just below Karisma in our fresh milk range. As you’d expect, Kalea is both user and operator friendly; with a 7” touch screen that is is quick to customise, with easy management of recipes and videos, and with multiple screens there is also a comprehensive drinks menu available.

Operators will appreciate the easy to operate on-screen cleaning cycle and the barista in them will love Kalea’s variable tamping pressure feature. It’s never been easier to make a fully-automatic machines create the perfect espresso!

Kalea is the perfect example of completely joined-up thinking: it uses parts from Krea and has the same programming platform as Krea Touch, which goes to show that customers can rely on Evoca to make great coffee universally available.

As with Krea, it’s simple to upload videos via the machine’s USB socket. What’s more, the USB interface can be used to clone the machine set up. Once you have one Kalea working exactly how you want it to, the set up, with all its unique configurations, can be transferred to all your other Kaleas. It makes multiple machine installations quick and easy!


For more information on these fantastic new additions to the EVOCA HoReCa range please call 01902 355000.


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