EVA REPORT 8: Vending Market Growth to be Offset by Impact of Covid-19

EVA REPORT 8: According to the EVA’s latest market report, the vending industry was delivering sustained revenue growth is almost all European markets prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 The eighth annual report by the European Vending & Coffee Service Association provides the latest in-depth look into the European vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry and reveals the current and latest trends.

Overall, EVA REPORT 8 – based on 2019 data – reinforces the positive trend seen over the last few years that the vending market as a whole has been growing steadily. Indeed, total annual revenue rose an impressive 3.4% to €17.2 billion, while the machine fieldbase (number of machines) has grown 1.1% to 4.16 million.

While solid growth is observed in 21 out of the 22 markets covered in the report, the EVA is very aware of the severe impact Covid-19 has brought to the industry. For full context, the new market report should therefore be read in conjunction with the EVA Covid-19 impact report.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for a huge drop in sales, vends and turnover in 2020 and at a much higher scale than during the economic and financial crisis in 2008. EVA REPORT 8 gives you the Big Picture of the impact the crisis is having on the industry – and begins to identify where the new opportunities could be.

EVA REPORT 8 identifies longer term trends within vending & OCS – which should remain after the pandemic recovery – as well as providing, for the first time this year, more detail on payment systems, telemetry and beverage cups used in the industry.

Some selected facts revealed by EVA REPORT 8:

  • In Europe, vending machines sell 99 million food and beverage items every day;
  • Hot beverages now represent 80% of the total market in terms of the number of vends;
  • There are around 185 Europeans per vending machine but this varies dramatically from 60 people/machine in the Netherlands to 1,850 in Turkey;
  • Over 80% of European machines are located in the workplace;
  • Ukraine has seen the largest market increase, with impressive field base growth of 10.4% and a massive 28% growth in revenue within the last 5 years;
  • Across European vending, paper cups are now (just) more common than plastic beverage cups, but significant individual market differences apply;
  • Micromarkets have now been reported in 13 of the 22 markets covered, with Sweden and Russia leading the way.

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