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The Sugar Tax: Don’t Be April Fooled By Its Introduction.

Hello there, John Crichton here of Automatic Retailing. One thing you should know before I get on to the sugar tax: I’m typing this slowly just in case, like me, you don’t read very fast. That way, you won’t miss anything.

Let me start by saying simply, Mighty Magpies 1, Red Faces 0; and leave it at that.

In my opinion, All Fools Day is the perfect occasion to introduce the sugar tax. Sometime soon, some bright spark will introduce ‘Nanny State Day’ but until then, April Fools’ will do nicely.

The thing is, whether you think it’s wrong or it’s right (or it’s just plain daft), it’s happening – and it’s happening on 1 April 2018. Now, if I was Mr. Jones the Dad’s Army butcher, I’d doubtless be hopping round on one leg telling you ‘don’t panic!’. But, as Mr Crichton, Wholesaler, I’ve got a better suggestion: just like with CQUIN, make the most of the opportunity!

sugar tax
Sugar Tax? As with CQUIN: don’t panic!

My old dad will be rolling in his grave, what with me calling yet another new tax an ‘opportunity’, but that’s what it is. Here at AR, we’ve been taking our position as the UK’s Number One wholesaler to the vending trade very seriously in the run up to its introduction. Because of our standing in the business, we have the right tools, contacts and resources at our disposal to ensure that you’re best prepared to capitalise on the opportunities.

Sugar tax: AR working very closely with Britvic…

For instance, we’ve been working very closely with Britvic to communicate the impact of the changes on your business: what you can do to tweak your range and at the same time, grow your sales. What’s for certain is that you can avoid the pitfalls of the levy by having the right products in the right places… We’ve done all the donkey work in this area so’s you don’t have to. So, whatever you do, for goodness’ sake get in touch with us for additional support and advice as ‘S Day’ approaches.

And while we’re on the subject of the Nanny state, you’ll be aware that there’s been talk of introducing a latté tax. Some say it’ll be 20p on every cup of coffee you vend. Well, let me reassure you on that thorny issue too, whilst I’m at it. For starters, it’s nothing definite. For now, it’s just talk. But rest assured, just as it is with the Sugar Tax, if nanny does decide to tax our elevenses, we’ve got all the solutions in place already.

sugar tax
John Crichton

All the cups we sell, be they plastic, paper or bio-degradable, are recyclable. Fact. See Mr. Pratt’s latest blog here, if you don’t believe me. There are specific recycling processes available to make sure they are recycled efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. It’s down to us to make sure our customers are aware of that!

The upgrade of our fleet continues apace.

Finally, and still on the subject of environmental friendliness, I’m pleased to say that the upgrade of our fleet continues apace. Between you reading this newsletter and the next, we will have introduced seven more new vehicles – and all to make sure that you, our highly valued customers, get your orders delivered on time and in full; with minimum damage to the planet.

So, stick with us – because nobody does it better.

Until next time, gan canny,

John Crichton
*John Crichton is a Director of Automatic Retailing, the UK vending trade’s favourite wholesaler.

*Read Vending Solutions Ltd. MD Mike Gardner’s thoughts on CQUIN, here.



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