ConviStore Chooses ‘Kalea Plus’ For Coffee Without Compromise

ConviStore, the concept that takes micro-markets ‘to the next level’, will not countenance compromise in terms of the quality of the coffee it offers…

Workplace micro-markets are enjoying considerable traction with Facilities Mangers up and down the UK right now – but the creators of ConviStore firmly believe that their offer takes the popular concept to the next level. At the heart of ConviStore is Necta’s amazing coffee machine, the Necta Kalea Plus, from Evoca UK.

Florina Barbulescu

ConviStore’s Florina Barbulescu explains: ‘We’ve positioned ConviStore as a true catering offer, rather than a modified system of product vending. Depending on the brief from the FM Manager, ConviStore can provide consumers with everything from a full-scale dining experience, which offers substantial hot meals at any time of the day or night, to a ‘High Street’ coffee shop, centred on great coffee and supported by the snacks and pastries that go with it.

‘We are not aware of any other concept that can offer as many hot meals as ConviStore. We have around fifty on our menu, including halal and kosher products, which ensure night workers have exactly the same access to nutritious, tasty and satisfying meals as their day-shift colleagues’, Florina said.

‘ConviStore is completely flexible, both in the products it offers and in the dedicated space required. The only thing that is not an option is the quality of the food, drinks and snacks that are on sale.’

ConviStore is the ultimate in convenience: the range of food and refreshment on offer means day-time customers are no-longer tempted to leave the premises in search of sustenance and out of hours staff are not ham-strung because local outlets are invariably closed.

So, why Necta’s Kalea Plus?

‘Kalea Plus is a fully-automatic machine that uses fresh milk’, Florina says. ‘It means that authentic Italian espresso based drinks are no longer the exclusive preserve of skilled baristas. With Kalea Plus, customers can serve themselves lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites that are every bit as delicious as those offered by specialist coffee shops.


‘What’s more, Kalea Plus is both user and operator friendly’ she added. ‘The interface is great and it makes using the machine a real pleasure. The seven-inch touch screen is quick and easy to for us, as operators, to customise for each location and Kalea Plus’s modular construction makes access to components easier than ever. We haven’t had to replace any parts as yet, but when that time comes it’ll be a breeze. Day-to-day maintenance is also simplified. It means we’ll never have to put up the dreaded ‘out of order’ sign to spoil the look of ConviStore!

‘Kalea Plus is as good an example of completely joined-up thinking as anything in the coffee marketplace right now and we see it as the ideal machine to complement ConviStore. We’ve gone to so much trouble to create an offer that delivers excellent quality meals, day and night; so when it comes to coffee, we can’t settle for second best. For ConviStore, it has to be Necta’s Kalea Plus.’

More on Evoca, HERE

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