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Carabao SPORT – So, What Makes This New Drink ‘Extra-Special’?

 Carabao SPORT
Anyone for Carabao SPORT?

Carabao SPORT : ARN’s John Crichton knows a thing or two about what’s hot and what’s not in vending, so when he wrote recently ‘my Top Tip this month is that you ’get in quick’ with the new Carabao SPORT drink’, people sat up and took notice…

With the new Carabao SPORT drink, Carabao is expanding the scope of its offering. The new drink is designed to aid hydration, thanks to its uniquely formulated carbohydrate-electrolyte recipe, with added B vitamins. It’s available in two flavours, Orange and Mixed Berry. Both are presented in a 500ml bottle, complete with a striking design and sports cap.

So, what prompted the creation of Carabao SPORT? The launch follows new consumer research, which revealed that 60% of regular Isotonic Sports Drink drinkers (who exercise weekly) are very concerned about the presence of aspartame in sport drinks. And no wonder: Aspartame – a white, odourless powder – is a mind-boggling 200 times sweeter than sucrose, and it’s commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages.

You won’t find it in Carabao SPORT, though – and with its great taste, added B vitamins, natural colours and flavours, the drink is the perfect solution for the growing cohort of consumers who are demanding category solutions that are more natural.

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‘We’re delighted to expand our portfolio of great-tasting, fruit-flavoured drinks with the launch of Carabao SPORT – a new isotonic sport drink, designed to aid hydration’, John Luck, Chief Marketing Officer at Carabao told PV. ‘Our mission is to continue to offer our customers lower-sugar alternatives, the new fruit-flavoured formulas contain only 4.4g of sugar/100ml and 113 calories per bottle.

‘Carabao SPORT includes the carbohydrates and electrolytes required to support prolonged exercise that you would expect to find in a sports drink’, John said, ‘but it’s our unique combination of added B vitamins, 100% natural colours and flavours and fantastic flavour – and no aspartame – that makes our new drink extra-special.’

Carabao SPORT is now available from ARN, vending’s leading wholesaler. Click HERE to order!




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