Benders to Showcase Vending Hot Cups at AVEX


Benders Paper Cups, a leading UK manufacturer of paper cup products, is preparing to showcase its full range of vending hot cups at this year’s AVEX International exhibition.

The paper cup manufacturer will show its full range of single wall vending cups, supported with its comprehensive range of insulated paper hot cups at AVEX.


Benders’ iconic Verona vending hot cup is specifically developed to support the vending of premium beverages.

Driven by the influence of the coffee house culture, the versatile, warm colour palette of the Verona cup’s smooth, full-height outer wrap enables vending operators to take full advantage of the growth in service quality demanded by today’s coffee consumers.

There is also the opportunity to develop high-quality, custom-printed brand messages and promotions, in up to six colours of water-based inks.

The design, size, shape, and construction of the Verona cup ensures quick and smooth vending. The domed lids are ideal for travel or foaming beverages, with plug-fit rims to ensure a safer and tighter seal, to deliver the same quality drinking experience found in a high street coffee shop.

Benders’ Embossed Double Wall cup, the insulated cup vends with its 80mm rim, and is helping vending operators to penetrate the leisure and public vending sectors.

The outer wrap helps to insulate hot drinks, keeping them warmer for longer and allowing fingers to warm gradually, if drinking on the move.

The structure of the distinctive cup, with its unique Swirl emboss, makes the cup comfortable and easy to hold and provides great insulation in situations where drinks are carried a distance away from the point of service. The design of the emboss also means that each cup separates easily in a stack, making it perfect in busy retail or quick service environments.

All of Benders’ paper vending cups are made in the UK in a BRC Grade-A facility, with full Chain of Custody accreditation. The cups are also manufactured using paperboard from PEFC-accredited, sustainably managed forests compliant with European Timber Regulations and meet stringent European Regulations for materials in contact with food.

Adrian Pratt, Marketing Manager at Benders Paper Cups, commented: “AVEX International is one of the biggest and most important events in the vending calendar, attracting more and more visitors and exhibitors from around the world each year.

The Benders Team

“AVEX is the perfect place for us to showcase the vending hot cups range, available in a wide range of sizes to suit all points of service – all delivering outstanding vending performance”

“We’re looking forward to bringing our full product range to Manchester on 30th June, to introduce Benders to more businesses in the vending industry.”

To find out more about Benders’ product range and upcoming exhibitions, please visit their website at

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