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ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2 – The Products, and The People!

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2 : Before we get to the serious business, here’s the serious business! A few days before this year’s International Women’s Day on the 8th March, our own Lyndsey Boutflour and Mondelez’s Jo Roffey came up with the idea of recognising the achievements of the legion of women currently forging careers in the vending industry. Consequently, dozens of Cadbury Chocolate bars were sent out as gifts to deserving recipients – and as you can see, we have the pictures to prove it!  There’s all sorts of talk about what we might do to salute our female vending colleagues next year. If you have a celebration idea, please share it with us. (Hint: will probably involve Prosecco).

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2

In ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2,,  it’s all about Special Offers: you can dance the Tango, have your shortcake and eat it and then add a certain je ne sais quoi to coffee breaks, all from ARN

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2Are you of sufficient maturity to remember that series of classic TV ads? ‘Bridge that gap with Cadbury’s Snack’? Snackable squares of delicious shortcake biscuit, covered with smooth Cadbury milk chocolate for a perfect biscuity bite! To celebrate, well, nothing in particular, ARN has this classic confection on special offer – but only for April 2021. The normal list price of £13.53 is cut to £11.53 for April, but if you’re a member of ARN’s loyalty bonus scheme, you’ll be charged either £9.53 (Tier 1), or £10.23 (Tier 2).

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2

Would you like a drink with that? How about a refreshing Tango Dark Berry? Tango, one of the fastest growing brands within the fruit carbonates segment, is introducing Dark Berry to its popular sugar free range this month. The addition of Tango Dark Berry brings a mouth-watering taste of sweet, tangy raspberries and rich blackberries, ensuring consumers don’t have to compromise on taste when choosing a healthier option.

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2

Sugar free choices are on the rise in the fruit carbonates segment, having grown by more than 18% in the last two years. It’s a trend that the pandemic has accelerated, so you can be sure the demand for this great new product is out there, waiting! ARN has cases of 24x500ml available for £8.99; 24x330ml is also available at £4.89. April 2021 only.

Gourmands of Posh Coffee can fill their boots this month with a choice of Tate & Lyle syrups on offer as part of ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2.  Tate & Lyle Gourmet Syrup artfully blends 100% natural pure cane sugar with some lush ingredients – including  caramel, pumpkin; vanilla, mint, gingerbread and hazelnut.  Use them for creating flavoured coffees, hot chocolates and more.  (You can even use them in baking to flavour your cakes, but don’t tell Mary Berry…) Buy them in cases of 4x750ml for just £9.99. April 2021 only.

That’s it for ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2 , see you next time!

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