Televend at Vendex: Accomplish the Same Amount of Work – with Fewer Employees

Dubravko Hendija

Televend return to Vendex North with 300,000 connected machines and an ever-growing list of happy customers. Televend is the biggest European solution for automated retail and VP of Sales and Marketing, Dubravko Hendija, is looking forward to the show.

The company is helping retailers around the globe by transforming their businesses with its dynamic routing system. This AI-based solution helps retailers downsize unnecessary machine visits by planning their staff routes according to real-time stock levels and error alerts. ‘By optimizing visits to machines, Televend creates the opportunity for retailers to manage the same amount of work with fewer employees’, Dubravko said. ‘This is extremely helpful to UK vendors, who are struggling with staff recruitment in the wake of Brexit.’

Dynamic routing is not, however, the only functionality the Televend platform delivers. It is the only one which supports all daily vending operations – from pickup list management in the morning, to staff routing during the day and cash collection at the end of the day.

Daily operations are just one of the activities Televend covers. Their AI technology uses real-time data from machines and makes predictions about sales and revenue, anticipating the changes in the market and optimizing logistic and business processes. ‘Today, having timely information about things as they happen in the field is not enough; you have to anticipate them, not allowing them to shock you.’ Dubravko added.

There are also several advanced modules available, starting with Call Center, the central ticketing system where technical staff receive all machine errors in real time. Technical Center is the one where dispatchers schedule visits and dispatch technicians according to their availability and skillset.

Televend‘Don’t take our word for it, Dubravko said, ‘come and see Televend on Stands 112 and 113  in Leeds, where our International Sales Executive Sanjin Sumar will be ready and waiting to show you our system first hand.’

Find out more about Televend, HERE

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