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SV 365 Technologies Launches Robotic Hot Food Venture That’s ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’

SV 365 Technologies has officially launched its new venture, which features a host of smart robotic kitchens and AI products, to provide fresh food for the UK and European markets. The first public showing of the new concept will be at the Public Catering Expo, at the NEC Birmingham on the 15th and 16th of March.

‘These new Smart systems serve 24/7 hot food’, Bert Wallace, Director said. ‘There’s a robotic micro bakery that can serve hot baked goods, such as pizza, croissants, muffins on demand. Customers can enjoy French fries that are crispy, tasty and ready to eat in just 35 seconds. We also offer a fresh, natural ingredients soup station ND. Kiosk that offers hot pasta, noodles, rice and mashed potatoes.’

Walter Gill

Complementing the hot food offerings, SV 365 Technologies will be bringing further innovative products to its stand at the NEC. ‘We’ll be showing our new hot drinks system, in partnership with Change Please. Change Please invests all its profits to provide homeless people with housing, a living wage: training, onwards opportunities — and a fresh shot at a life’, Bert said.

‘Visitors to Stand 77 will also be invited to sample our fresh, personalised smoothies – served by our fully automated, smoothie robot – and check out our robotic kiosk, which serves snacks, cold drinks and distress items such as toothpaste, deodorant and that kind of thing.’

SV 365 Technologies says that the new range of products ‘provides nutritionally balanced food choices which meet or exceed NHS nutritional standards whilst tasting great’.

‘This is just the start for SV 365 Technologies’, Bert said. ‘Working closely with our commercial partners, we are now able to offer advanced robotic and AI solutions for our many clients. Fresh food that is tasty and good for you, served by AI driven Robots: products like this are the future of Unattended Retailing and we intend to be the vanguard of that future.’

Walter Gill, also a Director of SV 365 Technologies, is equally bullish: ‘At the expo, we’ll be unveiling our SV365 POD, (see main picture), an automated restaurant which remains open 24/7, 365, he said. ‘Our POD has been specifically developed with our technology partners and is the perfect solution for those clients who are looking for a wide variety of hot and cold food and drinks, freshly made 24/7, 365 days per year. To be honest, the products we are unveiling at the NEC represent only the tip of the iceberg of our new product range – all of which combine ‘advanced technologies’ to create the freshest of healthy, hot and cold food choices.’

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