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Sustainability Report – Selecta Holds Its Head Up High

Sustainability Report – Selecta Group’s second annual Sustainability Report, which outlines 2019’s key achievements and the progress made against the company’s commitments, makes for an interesting read.

Selecta’s describes its sustainability strategy as being built on the following four pillars:

  1. Respecting the environment

The company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations by reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy by, for example, making optimal use of its fleet, provide energy-efficient vending solutions and optimizing its waste streams including plastics, disposables and coffee grounds.

In 2019, the use of telemetry effectively made the company’s operation more efficient than ever. (Selecta operates 94,000 machines equipped with telemetry). What’s more, telemetry enables the company to plan its routes dynamically to eliminate unnecessary mileage

Selecta is also committed to making the best possible use of coffee waste. In The Netherlands, for example as partnership has been established with an urban farming initiative that uses spent coffee grounds as soil for growing oyster mushrooms, whereas In Italy, used coffee grounds are collected from clients and used as a source of renewable energy.

  1. Offering responsible products

As part of its Sustainability Report, Selecta stresses its commitment to sourcing raw materials and products responsibly and to stimulating healthier choices through the introduction of innovative concepts. Consequently, a wide range of certified sustainable products and a variety of healthy food and drinks is now an intrinsic part of the company’s offer.

In 2019 the company roasted approximately 15,000 tonnes of coffee, of which 52% is certified by Fairtrade, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance. The production of certified coffee in 2019 increased by 1,716 tonnes – that’s 190 million extra cups of sustainable coffee.

In the area of responsible sourcing, Selecta renewed its Supplier Code of Conduct and aims to ‘further improve its sustainable sourcing approach’, by working closely with various suppliers.

  1. Supporting the community

An important element of Selecta’s mission, identified in its Sustainability Report, is to have a positive impact on the countries and communities in which it operates, as demonstrated by significant investments in supply chain initiatives in the countries where it sources raw materials. The company also prides itself on its engagement in the European communities in which it is active.

Through the Selecta Coffee Fund, in 2019 Selecta contributed to improving the livelihoods of small coffee farmers and their families in Rwanda, providing 42 households with a cow, to give them a valuable source of protein, additional household income, and fertilizer to increase their coffee yields.

The company also supported the construction of a kindergarten in the country, providing meals and education to 168 children.

  1. Providing an enjoyable workplace

Last but not least in its Sustainability Report, Selecta is focused on providing its employees with a safe and enjoyable workplace. The company is a major international employer, with more than 10,000 people working in 16 countries, and the vast majority of them, (89%), have a full-time fixed contract (91%).

Sustainability Report
David Flochel

In 2019, Selecta inaugurated an Employee Engagement Programme with an employee survey and in response, various actions were implemented across its operations.

“We’re delighted with the initiatives we carried out in the last year and the demonstrable progress we’ve achieved against all our commitments in our Sustainability Report”, David Flochel, Chief Executive Officer said. “Because we serve more than ten million consumers each day, we understand our broader responsibility on the communities we engage with and we appreciate that we must do everything we can to minimise our environmental impact. Over the coming year, we have even more ambition to scale-up our activities and we look forward to collaborating further with our customers, consumers and stakeholders on our journey to ‘make the day work’ for generations to come.”


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