ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch'

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ – The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Orange…

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’: From established favourites, to the brand new, to the ‘back for good this time’, ARN has all you need to stock up on those products that consumers simply have to have.

Introducing Cadbury Orange Twirl, Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons, Xite Energy Drinks and San Benedetto’s Prima Spremitura

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch'In August 2019, UK fans were told they could finally get their hands on Cadbury Orange Twirls for the first time. To say, ‘the launch went well’ would be a classic of understatement. As we reported at the time, ‘Cadbury’s Orange Twirl Rationed in The Teeth Of A National Feeding Frenzy’. A quick search on the Internet in September proved that a de-facto black market existed for those who were determined to get their hands-on confectionery’s hottest product. As ARN’s Allan Walker said at the time, ‘sellers are demanding £14.99 for five bars or £30 for 10. We’ve had to limit customers to 20 cases, at a time when one of them asked us for 500. In fact, to satisfy the vending industry’s demand for Orange Twirl, we would have needed 10,000 cases. In total, we got just 780. At one conference alone, we could have sold upwards of 4,000 cases.’

Cadbury’s Orange Twirl is back – for good!

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’: Last year, Cadbury’s Orange Twirl was strictly ‘Limited Edition,’ but this time it’s back as a permanent addition to the much-loved Cadbury Twirl portfolio. It’s available now from ARN, which is just as well: an exciting launch is being rolled out nationally through a tongue-in-cheek campaign, ‘Twirl Orange – the unlimited edition. Exclusively available everywhere’. Already, the clamour has begun; you’d better get your order in…

And just to prove that the future’s orange, get set for the imminent arrival of a new version Cadbury’s buttons. Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons promise to be a massive hit and with Easter just around the corner… Well, it’s chocolate season isn’t it?!

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch'

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’: Energy drinks are really doing the business these days and the latest addition to ARN’s portfolio is well worth a look-see. XITE promises ‘a healthy energy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or function.’

Unlike some other energy drinks, XITE’s natural caffeine keeps gym bunnies going for longer without a crash and keep focused for longer, too. XITE ticks all the boxes: vegan, zero sugar, diabetic friendly and full of ginseng and b-vitamins. And all that with a deliciously fizzy fruity taste. What’s not to love?

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch'ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’: Last, but not least, have you checked out San Benedetto yet? Great taste is still the number-one deal breaker when it comes to choosing a soft drink. If you have that, and if you can add to that ‘great value’, then you’re on the way to having a real success on your hands. San Benedetto has all that – and provenance, too. The company has grown from being a small local producer into a company with an international reputation for excellence: an ‘Italian ambassador’, if you will. With its ‘Prima Spremitura’ range of sparkling soft drinks, now available from ARN, San Benedetto’s values, together with the essence of Italy, are right there in the can, ready for UK consumers to enjoy. ‘Young and sophisticated’; ‘fresh’, ‘light’, ‘intensely fragrant’ and ‘deeply refreshing’: No we’re not talking about Allan Walker again, just Prima Spremitura from San Benedetto!

We’ll be back next month with more of ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’
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