60 Second Pitches The AVA – Kennedy Proctor Invites You To A Virtual Coffee Morning

60 Second Pitches The AVA – Kennedy Proctor Invites You To A Virtual Coffee Morning

Amongst her other duties, Kennedy helps coordinate the new AVA Futures Group.

Video Transcript

‘AVA Futures’ aim is to help ensure the vending industry is aware and prepared for vending in the future but, given the current situation in the UK, we felt that for a little while we should focus on the here and now.

‘So, we would like to invite each and every one of you to a virtual coffee morning, held every Wednesday at 11 o’clock and hosted using Zoom Conference Software (thanks to PepsiCo for sponsoring these events) this will give you the opportunity to grab a coffee and have a catch-up with friends and family in the industry and ask any questions that you may be struggling with.’

60 Second Pitches The AVA

‘It’s more important than ever that we stay connected and just speak with each other, so, if you would like to join you can find details below or you can visit the AVA website and check out the new Covid-19 page or just drop me an email.

‘I look forward to seeing you all soon speaking with you on Wednesday and please from everyone here at the AVA.

‘Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!’


60 Second Pitches The AVA

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Download Zoom software HERE


A Bluffer’s Guide To The  Automatic Vending Association (AVA)

The role of the AVA is to:

  • Promote, protect and enhance the vending industry
  • Support and advise our members
  • Lobby on our members’ behalf
  • Provide a competitive edge for our industry
  • Seek opportunities for expansion and growth
  • Create conditions for cost-effective, efficient and reliable retailing
  • Offer a comprehensive source of information

Its objectives are to:

  • Be the credible heart and official voice of the vending industry
  • Create an industry that is recognised as progressive
  • Generate and maintain the positive image of vending
  • Reinforce the benefits of advances made to vendors and consumers
  • Build a community of mutual interest by:
    • Engaging fully with members and users
    • Reaching out to the wider community

60 Second Pitches The AVA

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