Vitapure Targets Gyms And Health Clubs With New Hydration System

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Surrey based start-up The Vitapure Drinks Company is launching its Vitastream Drink Station at BodyPower’s BP Fitness Trade Show at the NEC in September.

Founder and MD Ian Webb has over a decade’s experience in workplace hydration solutions and with water systems now an established part of most public and private locations, Ian identified the need for ‘something more appealing than just water’.

‘Water is accepted by most people as the most refreshing way to keep hydrated and quench your thirst’, Ian told PV ‘However it can be, dare I say it, a bit boring and unexciting; hence my search for a system which could supply flavoured water in a cost effective, convenient and most importantly, healthy way.’

Ian’s research took him all over Europe. Eventually, he found a manufacturer in Germany who ticked all the boxes. ‘Having been involved in the industry for many years, I knew exactly what I wanted’, he said . ‘A reliable, high-quality dispense system combined with zero sugar, low calorie and delicious fruit flavoured drinks.’

The product has been established in Germany for 10 years, and is now being rolled out across Europe. The Vitapure Drinks Company was selected to introduce it into the UK market. Ian said: ‘I was delighted to be awarded the lucrative UK market for the system. The largest concentration of gyms in Europe is right here.’

Subscription based payment system

Together with the manufacturer, Vitapure has come up with a subscription based payment system for gyms and health clubs. Operators installing a Vitastream Drink Station provide their members with a convenient, tangible and healthy benefit and at the same time, generate a substantial and sustainable additional revenue stream. The unit also contributes to a positive environmental message, reducing carbon footprint by eliminating the need for packaged drinks.

Ian Webb

By paying a low subscription – which can often be assimilated into the monthly general membership fee – club members save money when compared to buying bottled or canned drinks.’They have access to limitless great tasting drinks and have no need to carry cash’, Ian said. ‘The beauty of this unique hydration concept is that it helps gym members achieve their fitness goals and rewards the forward thinking gyms with additional revenue. I love working alongside gym owners and managers, to not only improve their bottom line but also help their customers become more hydrated with delicious flavoured water. It’s a genuine Win:Win.’

Ian Webb is well known in the UK water industry. His experience began in 1993 and in 1995, he set up The UK Water Group. As a pioneer in mains-fed water filtration and purification systems, by 2002 the business had become UK market leader, across all sectors.

As Commercial Director of The UK Water Group, Ian was directly involved in setting up the industry trade association, the European Point of Use Drinking Water Association (EPDWA) becoming it’s first chairman in 2001.

‘All you need is a power supply, a water supply and an internet connection.’

‘The Vitastream Drink Station has a small footprint at less than 1 square metre’, Ian said.  ‘All you need is a power supply, a water supply and an internet connection (with which stock levels can be monitored and problems solved, remotely). What’s more, the unit’s base can be fully branded and the graphics and movies on the touch-screen can be fully customised.’

The Vitastream Drink Station offers a choice of six vitamin and mineral rich flavoured options, each of which contains zero sugar, zero caffeine, and less than 5 calories.

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