Vendon : From Advanced Telemetry to Loyalty & Payment Solutions, Is The Stage Set?

Vendon : In the second part of Planet Vending’s introduction to Vendon, Andrey Sergeyev explains what the company is bringing to the UK’s vending and coffee sectors. You can catch up with the first part of the story, HERE


VendonHe’s 2,500 miles away from our place by car. He’s muffled in minus four, while I’m swanning around with 17 degrees of bright Costa Blanca sunshine on my back, but here we are, Andrey Sergeyev and me, ‘in the room’.

So, who is he? Andrey is Chief Customer Officer for Vendon, the global provider of IoT and payment solutions designed specifically for the vending and coffee industries.

I ask him if he can sum up Vendon’s offer in a single sentence. ‘Advanced telemetry for vending and coffee, payments; we have both closed loop and open loop infrastructure, we have a smart-phone app and first of the year, we’re adding open-loop functionality to our popular QuickPik app.’

QuickPik is a loyalty platform and payment app, which gives operators the opportunity to provide their customers with snacks and beverages from vending and coffee machines at a discount, or for free. ‘QuickPik is its own eco-system within our Vendon Cloud Platform’, Andrey says. ‘We have an IoT device, which collects data from the machine and stores it in the Cloud. There’s a mobile app and a web resource for managing the data, then of course we have our loyalty and payment app. Back in July, we added cashless payment to the mix. It also works on the Vendon Cloud Platform, so you can oversee and manage everything, in one place.’

See how it all works in the video below…


As I was, you may well be wondering what kind of money we’re talking about to get on board with Vendon. Andrey is happy to have that conversation; but first, he wants to discuss the ‘X’ factor that he believes will make all the difference.

‘Do the costs compare favourably with other solutions that are already on the market? Yes they do’, he says. ‘Value for money, ROI, all the numbers, when you stack them up, appear to give us a slight edge. But alongside the financials is the added value of the outstanding customer and technical support we provide. This is the element of our offer which I would invite interested parties to compare against what else is out there.’

(Andrey names competitive names – albeit with caveats – but what happens on Zoom, stays on Zoom, right?)

Andrey Sergeyev – with whom the buck stops…

‘As Chief Customer Officer, the buck stops with me; but our entire staff is dedicated to fast and detailed Customer Support’, he says. ‘If you were to question our existing customers, all of them would tell you that the support we provide is a very important reason to choose Vendon.

‘Our pricing means our products and services are very affordable and when you appreciate the added value that I’ve just described, I’m confident that many businesses, in vending, unattended retail and in the coffee shop trade, will choose Vendon’, Andrey says. ‘And that’s particularly true when it comes to payments paired with advanced telemetry. ‘For instance, I believe we have the perfect product for those wishing to begin their cashless journey. It’s really affordable, it’s plug-and-play with over 700 machine models produced by around 45 manufacturers. It’s compact and stylish and it’s installed in a few minutes. It means everything is managed in one platform – machines, stock, payments and loyalty program. That’s why I think the market is going to love it.’

And so the stage is set to expand the choice available to UK clients old and new – and to claim its share of a marketplace that’s on an upward curve.


By Ian Reynolds-Young

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