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Vending Insight 35: More ATMs Are Charging As Usage Dwindles

Hello again and welcome to Vending Insight 35, ‘ATMs Are Charging As Usage Dwindles’, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators

Vending Insight 35

Britain is being forced into going cashless as ATMs start to charge (Daily Express)

Vending Insight 35
On the way out?

It’s not rocket science: fewer people are using cash machines, but the costs of operating them stay the same, so something’s got to give… The upshot is that more and more ATMs, which were once free to use, are resorting to making a charge. Are the days of the free-to-use ATM numbered and if so, who, if anybody, will lose out as a consequence? The Daily Express sets out to scare, HERE

5 Ways B2C Brands Balance Data Compliance and Data Activation (MTA)

Data activation is the practice of processing customer data. But it needs to be in accordance with data compliances and regulations. Here is how B2C brands can balance their data compliance and data activation goals. From specialist publication, Mar Tech Advisor and well worth a read, HERE

Don’t Get Carried Away With Personalisation! (Marketing Week)

Ben Davis has written over 1,300 articles about marketing and technology and he contends: ‘I do not share the sentiments of those that say digital is merely a marketing ‘channel’, but I do believe that the noise about digital transformation has given rise to some thorny misconceptions. One is that personalisation is somehow the end-game of marketing.’ Do you agree with him? Learn more, HERE

Making Choosing Easier (Know Techie)

Not directly related to vending or UR this story; however it gives a fascinating insight onto collaborative filtering and sets your mind wondering what the future hold for your own marketing efforts. Time for a bit of blue-sky thinking? Taste is the world’s most popular movie and TV recommendation app and it works kind of like a dating app. All you have to do is rate the movies and shows you like or dislike, which is actually quite fun and addictive, and then you can swipe through suggestions. HERE

Consumers Are Drinking More Caffeinated Beverages (Consumer Affairs)Vending Insight 35

… and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Researchers looked at three different age groups of the US populations to understand how age played a role in caffeine consumption. The study included responses from nearly 10,000 adolescents, over 12,000 young adults, and over 11,000 middle-aged adults. Give people what they want, or not? argue among yourselves, HERE

Vending Insight 35

MicroMarkets: How Technology Connects You To Convenience (Planet Vending)

The most important thing to consider when implementing MicroMarkets is the technology that connects consumers to products. The convenience technology is the muscle of your MicroMarket. A selection of innovative technologies that will provide both you and your consumers with increased efficiency and enhanced experiences are HERE

When Loyalty Is Unattended Retail’s Key Feature (

To help build customer loyalty, eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers have a myriad of tools on hand: Cashiers can sign customers up for loyalty cards at brick-and-mortar stores, and eCommerce sites can send customers special offers and coupons by email. While vending machines and unattended kiosks may not have been able to build similar relationships, that reality doesn’t have to last forever… Whet your appetite, HERE

That’s it for Vending Insight 35. Vending Insight 36 will be with you soon. See you then.
Meanwhile, Planet Vending’s Vending Insight Archive is HERE

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