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Vending Insight 28: We’re Back – And We’ve Cast Our Net Even Wider…

Yes, it’s back. Welcome to Vending Insight 28, brought to you with the assistance of our friends at Vianet Smart Machines in association with Vendman, the UK’s Number One ERP software for vending operators.

We’ve been delighted by the industry’s response to our weekly round up of news and information focussed on technical and digital developments in vending, unattended retailing and digital marketing. However, in response to the pointy-stick of persuasion, we’ve agreed to widen our net to embrace info on consumer purchasing trends.

So, eyes down for a full house: Enjoy!

Britvic Revenue Boosted By Demand For Low Sugar Beverages (Hospitality Ireland)

Vending Insight 28: So, healthier drinks really are selling through: Britvic Plc has reported higher first-quarter revenue, driven by sales of low sugar and fruit-based beverages. Britvic, whose brands include Tango, J2O, Fruit Shoot and Teisseire, said revenue rose 4.5% to £352.4 million in the quarter. Low down and links to related info, HERE

Social Media Has Changed The Way We Drink (Beverage

Vending Insight 28
Looking good… On Instagram. To many, it matters…

Beetroot, matcha, turmeric and charcoal are helping beverages burst into colour – all the more important as bright and beautiful photos of what we eat and drink continue to gain traction on social media channels. So how is social media shaping beverage trends? Find out HERE

Omnisend Research: Business Adopting Omnichannel Strategy Enjoy 90% Higher Customer Retention Rate (Martech Series)

Not only were customers who engaged with omnichannel campaigns more likely to return, but they were likely to spend more too. Customers who engaged in campaigns using 3-4 channels spent on average 13% more than customers who engaged in just one or two channels. Detailed analysis for egg-heads, HERE

Vending Insight 28

Why New Age Beverages Stock Popped 37% in January (The Motley Fool)
Vending Insight: The government has allowed the use of cannabis-based treatments for certain medical conditions so how long before it’s universally legalised? In the US, business is brisk and a lot of money is being made. Take a peek at the near future, (maybe), at the growth of Marley brand CBD infused soft drinks HERE. Yeah, man.

Vending Insight 28
What you need to drink to be iron like a lion in Zion? Ire….

Nescafe In The US Aims To ‘Reinvent Coffee Category’ With New Ready-To-Drink Innovations. (Vending Market Watch).

Heading our way? In the States, Nescafe has launched 2 products. One of them, Coffee Protein Smoothie is a  plant-based coffee protein drink made with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee, oats and almond butter. With 15g of protein, each 11 oz. single-serve bottle contains as much as one cup of coffee and is available in Banana or Mocha flavors for a suggested retail price of $3.49. Sneak preview or red herring? Take a look HERE.

Beyond the Mini Bar: How Pantry Kiosks Can Extend Food Service in Hotels (Hospitality and Catering News)

Vending Insight 28

H&C N’s words, not ours: ‘The vending machine – long the exclusive domain of crisps, chocolate bars and sugary drinks – is undergoing a very 21st century makeover. By combining the latest access control and self-service payment technology with large scale refrigeration, unattended pantry systems can offer high quality fresh food, including full meals, at all times of day and night.’ Micro markets for hotel lobby’s? Get in there, but first, go HERE.

The IoT Brings Targeted Advertising Into Retail Stores (Network World)

U.S. retailer Walgreens is ‘testing innovative, IoT-powered “smart coolers” that combine cameras, facial recognition software, and display screens in the cooler doors to serve targeted ads depending on what it can tell about shoppers rooting around for cold drinks and frozen treats.’ Yes, really. One of their advertising lines is ‘trusted since 1901′. Will they still be trusted in 2019? The times they are a changin’ as you’ll see HERE.

Vending Insight 28

A Decade: Avanti Markets Celebrates 10 Years Of The Micro Market Industry (Vending Marketwatch,com)

Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is the leader in the micro market industry. Avanti Markets’ platform provides a leading-edge micro market transaction system and back-end software that integrates promotions, inventory management tools, pre-kitting systems and data warehousing infrastructure in order to help support Operators effectively manage their business HERE

Vending Insight 28

National Vending Day? NAMA Is Behind It, But Could We Use One, Too? (Vending

National Vending Day, March 7, will recognize the people in the USA who ‘proudly make, sell, enjoy and love vending and the products the channel delivers. From multinational brands beloved around the world to multi-generational business owners, route drivers and plant floor employees, vending touches people’s lives in ways large and small’. Would it work in Blighty? More details HERE.

The next issue of Vending Insight will be published next Friday, 15th February. Meantime check out Katie King’s article on how AI can work for the you in vending and HERE is a link to her new book and an exclusive PV offer.

Vending Insight 28: Access issues 1-27 HERE.

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