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Vendex North Leeds: Reynolds Scores At Elland Road – Bring On Glasgow!

Ian Reynolds-Young reviews Vendex North Leeds

And so, with Old Trafford in the rear-view mirror, all roads led to Vendex North Leeds and Elland Road, home of Leeds United.

The advantages of the new venue over the former one, (as we reported HERE 12 months ago), were immediately evident: at Vendex North Leeds, the exhibition space was located on the ground floor with direct access from the street and you could only imagine how that delighted those responsible for lugging equipment from the trucks to the booths…

The only niggle – and it’s a minor one – was the lack of signage for those drivers approaching the venue from the M621. We all instinctively turned left at the lights to reach the hall, only to be ambushed by a dour chap in a hi-vis vest whose job it was to tell everybody to do a U-turn, go straight on at the lights, take the first right and park there. A little sign pointing in the right direction would have been very useful, but hey: just teething problems. No doubt organiser Phil Reynolds will make sure that this crease is ironed out for Vendex North, Leeds in 2020.

Vendex North Leeds
Phil Reynolds

In terms of engagement, Vendex North Leeds eclipsed the performance of Manchester. ‘Visitor numbers were higher than Manchester and pre-registrations were the highest we have ever received for a Vendex show’, Phil said. ‘Normally, pre-registrations are split 50/50 in terms of shows and no-shows, but Leeds delivered a 70% turnout on pre-registrations; a very positive and encouraging response.’

Evidently, business at the show was booming…

‘At every Vendex show, we make a point of always asking for feedback, from both exhibitors and visitors. Without exception, at least one comment will tell us that business was done on the day. That’s how we came up with our strapline, ‘where the trade buys’, Phil said. ‘We know, for example, that Westomatic took orders for machines and pre-orders for its new Autorista, which was launched at Vendex North Leeds. Part of the reason we relocated to a bigger venue was to allow for more freedom of movement between the aisles and to accommodate a lunch/meeting area on the same level as the exhibition. It was great to see this area being used by so many.’

I agree. Manchester, in its peak hours, had the habit of becoming rather claustrophobic. Not so at Elland Road; there was much more room to navigate around the stands and the meeting area was a real boon.

Vendex North Leeds
Happy exhibitors: What Price Solutions’ Clive Evans, RIchard Allen andJohn Stott.

So, it’s another 10 out of 10 for Vendex. However, is the advent of a third show in 2020, scheduled for Glasgow, a bridge too far? It seems not…

There are a great many vending operators in Scotland’, Phil said. ‘ Given our experience of producing Vendex shows since 2003, we believe the opportunity to give vending companies serving Scotland their own event, specially tailored to meet their needs and requirements, is overdue. Vendex Scotland is an opportunity for us to bring the operators together with new and existing customers. It’s a win/win situation for the industry.’

Already, interest in an event north of the border has solidified onto commitment.

‘We announced Vendex Scotland at the AVS Conference in September and 50% of stands were booked on the day we announced’, Phil said. ‘The show isn’t until 9 June next year, but 80% of stands have now sold and we are confident of selling out. The demand for exhibition space underlines that a clear need exists for a vending trade show in Scotland. This is a need that Vendex is more than capable of fulfilling and extremely happy to deliver.’

And after that, there’s Vendex North Leeds 2020 to plan for…

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