The NV9

The NV9 Spectral Note Validator Range, new from Innovative Technology

The NV9 Spectral note validator, from cash handling provider Innovative Technology is well-established in the market as a highly secure and technologically advanced compact banknote validator. It it designed to ensure efficient, automated cash processing. Launched at Vend Expo Moscow in 2018, The NV9 Spectral range has the added bonus of stained note detection and optical and mechanical anti-strimming technology which delivers outstanding protection against fraudulent notes. It forms the basis for new products in the ITL Spectral range and using its modular design, allows customers to easily add additional functionality such as multi-note recycling.  Global installs are on the increase in a wide range of applications and vertical sectors.

The NV9 Spectral is gaining momentum particularly in the gaming, amusement and vending industries, where customers value the high level of security this validator brings in a compact size and at a mid-range price’, Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager for ITL, told PV. ‘Advanced spectral sensors provide high resolution imaging to authenticate the validity of notes, so The NV9 detects stained and fraudulent notes effectively. It also offers customers versatility: it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with cashbox and bezel options to suit all applications. Boasting easy, free firmware updates and micro-SD card for data logging,  this validator gives customers fast note to note processing time to speed up transactions.

The NV9
Andy Bullock

‘Many of our customers in the UK and Europe are also keen to add recycling capabilities via a compatible note float module (NV11 Spectral or NV22 Spectral) to keep machines running’ Andy added, ‘ensuring float levels and downtime are reduced. A choice of note float modules is available depending in whether single (NV11S) or multi note payout is required (NV22S) to maximise cash efficiency, reduce coin starvation and significantly reduce operational costs.

The NV22 Spectral offers multi-note recycling and is ideal for medium volume applications with limited space. This compact note recycler which combines a true ‘Multi-Note Float’ (MNF) payout unit with Innovative’s NV9 Spectral banknote validator.

‘NV22S is proving popular in Europe, especially in Spain’, Jose Garcia Escudero, Business Development Manager for ITL Spain said. ‘Spanish operators have reported a massive 50% reduction in refill and collection time and a reduction of up to 30% in float levels required. Customers are impressed by this 40 mixed-denomination note recycler, which can store and payout all denominations from a given currency. It is not limited to just one or two notes! As well as improving operator profitability and lowering operational costs, all notes in the MNF can be transferred to the cashbox for easy, low-cost collection. Another key benefit is its space-saving design; the compact units will fit into most existing machines making integration and installation quick and easy. Its enhanced recycling capability will be a key benefit for operators, maximising up-time by using existing notes for change or prizes.’

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