The King's Deli

The King’s Deli: ‘Once you’ve tasted our crisps, there really is no going back.’

 The King’s Deli By Planet Vending Editor, Ian Reynolds-Young


It was ever thus: one man’s problem is another’s opportunity.   

With football wall-to-wall just now, I’m reminded that it was an injury to England’s favourite striker, Jimmy Greaves, that allowed a certain Geoff Hurst to take command of the number 10 shirt back in 1966, and that didn’t turn out too badly… Sometimes, a substitute can turn out to be more successful than the first choice…

Supply issues are plaguing the UK’s best-selling crisp brands just now – as ARN CEO, John Crichton revealed in his most recent blog – and that has created an unexpected opportunity for a new name to step into the breach to supply the latent demand for a top-quality crisp product.

The King's Deli
George Falck

Enter The King’s Deli, a brand developed by Smylies, the award winning global food and drinks exporter, which is available exclusively through ARN. With roots that can be traced back to 1843, today’s Smylies was established in 2003 and operates in 50 countries across 6 continents, providing food and drink to global retailers. From its purpose built 30,000 sq ft facility in Bromborough, the company manages and ships ambient, chilled and frozen British and international brands, providing an inclusive exporting and logistics service. In other words, The King’s Deli brand has some major muscle behind it.

The King’s Deli ticks a lot of other boxes, too. ‘The King’s Deli was born with a mission to create fantastic, flavoursome and unique tasting crisps’, said the company’s Business Development Manager, George Falck. ‘We believe we’re making the finest crisps in the country, which everyone can enjoy, safe in the knowledge that our crisps are made entirely of British ingredients, that they’re suitable for vegetarians, that they’re gluten and lactose and GMO free, and use only ‘all natural’ flavourings.’

The King’s Deli offers an eclectic selection of flavours. Choose from Honey BBQ, Cheese, Salt and Black Pepper, Original Sea Salt, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, American Sticky Barbecue, Jamaican Jerk, Katsu Curry and Thai Sriracha Chilli.

The environmental ethics embraced by the company are sure to impress potential buyers who are on a CSR mission. An on-site anaerobic digester uses organic matter, such as potato waste, to create gas, which is then exported to the national grid. Interestingly, the AD process also provides organic digestate, which is high in nutrients and ideal for distribution back on the farm fields. Finally, a dedicated gas turbine produces all the electricity required to power the entire site.

‘There’s nothing mashed or pressed in a King’s Deli bag!’

Having said that, the keyword in the King’s Deli production process is ‘simplicity’. ‘Firstly, we use only the freshest whole British potatoes, carefully washed and then sliced, complete with their nutritious skin’, George said. ‘There’s nothing mashed or pressed in a King’s Deli bag! Then, using innovative technology, we kettle-cook them in small batches, whereas regular crisps are fried in an automated, continuous process. 

‘As the finished crisps roll out, any duds – those that are broken or overcooked – are removed by hand. That’s not the conventional way of doing things, but in our view, that’s the best possible way of maintaining consistent quality, not so much ‘in every bag’, as ‘in every bite’. When it comes to flavouring the crisps, we deliberately avoid monosodium glutamate, artificial colourings and preservatives.’

The King's DeliIf you think that the omission of preservatives leads to a shortened shelf-life, you may be surprised to learn that the opposite is true… ‘We ship The King’s Deli all over the world’, George said, ‘to Australia, Malaysia and Canada for instance, so a longer shelf life has always been a priority.’

So, what’s not to like?

‘I know that the trade would hum and haw about dedicating spirals to a brand that they see as untried’, John Crichton said. ‘But with things as they are, and with supplies of The King’s Deli guaranteed, operators have nothing to lose. We’ve all been digging into the samples we have in the office and I can tell you that it’s an impressive product. It’s gone down very well. They’re like crisps used to be, crunchy and full of flavour. We’re excited about the potential.’ 

Likewise, so is George. ‘We’re delighted that The King’s Deli’s products are available to vending operators’, he said. ‘Vending is an important channel and we believe that, once consumers have tasted the best, they’ll be reluctant to return to their previous choice. 

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