The EVA Publishes a Report into the OCS Consumer Habits in European Vending

The European Vending Association has published a report looking into consumer habits in relation to the Office Coffee Service (OCS) and vending industry.

Brussels, 2 June 2015

The EVA commissioned the report in order to give an understanding of what the general public desires in 2015 from office coffee service (OCS) and vending machines and companies.

This useful study, segmented into an overall European report, and 11 individual country reports, also divides the majority of responses into various age demographics, to provide an insight into how (particularly) younger people are interacting with the machines. The report is a valuable tool to enable vending companies to evaluate their offering to consumers, to compare if it matches consumer expectations in 2015 and for the coming years.

Specifically, the report identifies the main drivers, barriers, and incentives for consumers to use OCS and vending machines, both in the public locations as well as in the office environment. Breakfast and lunch consumption behaviour in general is exposed, which can allow companies to identify trends and/or gaps where vending can provide a solution. Overall hot beverage consumption is also revealed, preferred consumption in the workplace, attitudes of what quality workplace coffee should be, and the type of machines that are currently used in these locations.

The European report makes a detailed comparison between selected European countries on the question responses, including on preferred snack purchasing location and time of day, preferred type of coffee, and preferred means of payment at machines. This could potentially allow companies to consider if they need to adjust their offering from market to market.

The online survey was developed by the EVA with input from its Members, and was managed by Canadean, a company with a 40 year reputation for providing valuable and in-depth market research in the food and hospitality sector.

The results in the survey vindicate what the EVA already knew were the key benefits of automatic cold drinks, snacks, and coffee machines; notably the convenience of use, and the popularly of workplace coffee, as well as quantifying many new insights into today’s consumer.

The attached infographic has been produced to provide a teaser into the type of findings revealed through the report.

Infographic - EVA Consumer Report 2015_000001

The EVA Members have free and full access to the report and can download the European and individual reports directly from the EVA Members only webpage.

Anyone interested in purchasing this valuable report should visit the EVA website for more information:

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