The 2019 Vending Industry Census

The 2019 Vending Industry Census Is Now Available From The AVA

As the AVA Publishes The 2019 Vending Industry Census, who could blame you for a bitter-sweet reaction to the facts and figures? (Writes PV Editor Ian Reynolds-Young). It’s rather like looking longingly at the last snapshot taken from the deck of a grand ocean liner, before it was confined indefinitely to port. Note, I don’t refer to said liner as having ‘sunk’: however, the worry remains that it’ll be rather more than a month of Sundays before last year’s stats are matched. So, let’s take a look at the way we were. ‘Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line?’

The 2019 Vending Industry Census: Highlights

  • Turnover from traditional vending & OCS up 5.2% to £1.54 billion
  • 36% of vending machines now have cashless payment systems
  • The first ever AVA MicroMarket Report
The 2019 Vending Industry Census
Martin Colston

The 2019 Vending Industry Census gives AVA Members a clear breakdown of both the successes and the obstacles faced by the industry in 2019. Martin Colston, who conducts the census on behalf of the AVA, also shows the opportunities for Operators moving into 2020. With special consideration of the COVID-19 situation, Martin explains for the first time in detail, the advantages of Micro-Markets and their growth over the past 5 years in the UK.

Also highlighted in The 2019 Vending Industry Census is the turnover from traditional vending & OCS, which is up by 5.2% to £1.54 billion; with price increases more than offsetting the ongoing declines in both consumption and machine base. Martin mentions the significant investments improving the proposition:

  • More than 50% of regular cups now are now ‘paper’
  • Cashless readers are installed on 36% of the base
  • Micro-markets now number to around 200 in the UK

Overview by David Llewellyn, Chief Executive.

The AVA Census has been carried out since 1983. It has mapped huge changes in the industry, in consumer preferences; it has reflected evolving legislation and mirrored changes in business and society, as well as economic cycles. What the 2020 Census will show as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic remains to be seen….

As we progressed through 2019 the industry was faced with several challenges. Up to 27 different pieces of proposed or impending legislation, had ramifications for vending in the UK. The key ones were:

  • Business uncertainty around Brexit
  • HM Treasury’s single Use Plastic Tax consultation
  • Defra & Scotland’s progress towards a Deposit Return Scheme
  • European legislation concerning Energy Classification of machines and refrigerant changes
  • The increasing pressure for a levy on single use cups, to encourage the adoption by consumers of re-usable alternatives
The 2019 Vending Industry Census
David Llewellyn

Despite all of this, The 2019 Vending Industry Census describes a 5.2% increase in vending industry turnover. The up-turn reflects the increase in the average price-per-cup achieved in vending machines, thanks both to the industry’s ability to deliver premium drinks quality and the expanding range of products on offer. The accelerating swing towards ‘healthier’ products has seen sales of cold drinks containing under 5g per 100ml of sugar increase by 75% since 2017 . Similarly, there has been an increase of 120%  in sales of confectionery and sweet lines containing less than 250kcal.

The 2019 Vending Industry Census is a useful resource that AVA members can use to measure performance. Furthermore, it provides the AVA with authoritative data for use in meetings with and presentations to Ministers, Civil Servants and Legislators.

* AVA Members can view and download The 2019 Vending Industry Census via the AVA Website. If you are not a member, you can purchase a copy from the AVA. E-mail to order yours.

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