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That Was The Week That Was… For Adam Freeman and Craig Jukes

Ever woken up on a Monday morning with your week mapped out in your mind, only for events to overtake you and turn your world upside down? That’s what happened to Evoca UK Sales Director Craig Jukes and Maskey Founder Adam Freeman…

That Was The Week That Was… Craig

That Was The Week That Was
Craig Jukes

Monday 6 July
Sales team returning this week after furlough. This week’s priority task is to get them up to speed. Then I get a call from a friend about Maskey. I’d read about them and seen them on TV; they were making masks available to the general public at railway stations and the like and they were using vending machines. My contact told me that because demand was going through the roof, additional machines were required – in a hurry. I got in touch and found out it was true: Adam needed 10 machines ASAP for installs that were planned… I told him we could help, but I knew I’d have to pull out all the stops. Deal done!

Tuesday 7
Dan, Adam’s colleague, arrives at our offices in Kingswinford with product for us to test and configure a machine.  We realise straight away that the masks need non-standard, double-space spirals that we don’t have in stock. I’ll have to get them shipped from Valbrembo… the job is turning into a bit of a challenge: it’s going to be touch and go…

Wednesday 8
Order placed with Evoca Italy for 240 special spirals… It looks good: they’re in stock and they’ll be shipped today. Fingers crossed!

Thursday 9
Additional members of the P.D.C. team (pre-delivery customization) are un-furloughed to jump on configuring the machines, cutting to accommodate the Nayax cashless readers and so forth…  So pleased with them, they really stepped up to the mark. Then, disaster strikes as DHL call us to say the spirals are stuck in their German hub and they’re unable to deliver until Friday!  However, the courier to take the machines is booked for 8.30 am Friday, so I decide to send them as planned and then hatch a plan for the spirals.

Friday 10
The courier collects as planned and delivers the 10 Necta Tango machines to Maskey HQ.  The Spirals arrive at Kingswinford  at 1pm.  I collect them and set off for Maskey HQ in Essex. I arrive at 4.30pm and fit the 240 spirals, then work alongside the Maskey team on various and sundry other tasks to make sure the machines are primed and ready for Saturday morning 5am installs. Get home 11.30pm shattered… Bed!

What a week! I never saw that coming. After the lockdown it was a real buzz to experience again the thrill of a job well done and the thanks of a happy customer – more so, because at the end of the day, it’s all about getting masks out there so that the general public can stay safe.


That Was The Week That Was… Adam

That Was The Week That Was
Adam Freeman

Monday 6
Not a great start to the week… We’re committed to installing 10 machines on Saturday, but my supplier just told me it’s not going to happen. I need an alternative supplier, and fast. After a couple of calls I’m referred to Craig at Evoca. Fingers crossed…

Tuesday 7
Our masks don’t fit; the machines need special spirals. Craig says he can get them from Italy. What did Alex Ferguson call it? ‘Squeaky Bum Time.’ The upside is that Dan got a one-on-one master class from Craig on setting up the machines. Who knew vending was so complicated?

Thursday 9
Get a call from Craig to say that he’s coming down tomorrow to help my guys set up the machines for installation.

Friday 10
All done and ready to go. It’s only when the job’s completed that I realise how close we came to disaster, what with DHL and all; but all’s well that ends well. Hats off to Craig, he played a blinder.

Saturday 11
Install Day!

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