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Let Carabao Kick-Off Your Visit to Vendex Midlands 2023!

Vendex Midlands 2023 – Carabao Cup

Carabao is a major global energy drink brand, which launched in the UK in 2016. It’s a great tasting, low-calorie energy drink, available in 500ml bottles and 330ml cans. Carabao is both HFSS and CQUIN compliant, with a two-year roadmap leading to further reductions of sugar and calories.

In Carabao Energy, both vending operators and consumers have a high value, supported proposition – a massive consideration in times of economic uncertainty…

As one of the leading (and fastest growing!) energy drinks in the UK, Carabao is constantly focused on delivering what people want. This has enabled us to attract new consumers, which in turn has driven growth across the entire category.

In the summer ’22, Carabao launched a sub 100 calorie, 500ml on-the-go bottled format, featuring its best-selling flavours, which is available at ARN

‘We believe we have a point of difference in the energy market, in that our products are fruity flavoured, so they taste very much like soft drinks’, Ash Ellis says, ‘but Carabao energy drinks contain half the amount of sugar content than those of our major competitors, meaning there are far fewer calories per serving. We’re launching two new products in the sports drink category at Vendex, so come over to Stand 11 for a sneak-preview and a taste.’

Carabao Cup
Photo by Michael Zemanek/Shutterstock (13781222dj)

And in case you hadn’t noticed… Carabao loves its football: they’ve been the title sponsor of the Carabao Cup since 2017.

‘Our football partnership gives us amazing opportunities to reward vending customers by taking them to top Carabao Cup matches’, Ash says, ‘including the final at Wembley Stadium.’

Visit Carabao on Stand 11 and you’ll be invited to have your photo taken with the actual Carabao Cup Trophy! Can you think of a better way to kick-off your visit to Vendex?

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