All Companies, Great and Small: Lavazza Professional’s Range now has a Quality Coffee Solution for Every Workplace

Workplaces come in all shapes and sizes and with the addition of two exciting new offerings – fresh coffee beans and pods – Lavazza Professional has a coffee solution in its Vending portfolio for every business.

The coffee bean range is called ‘Expert’ and as the name suggests, each carefully created Lavazza variety – and there are seven of them on offer – is capable of delivering the genuine tastes and aromas that characterise the authentic Italian coffee experience.

‘The ‘Expert’ range brings vending a superior selection of coffee beans to produce a high-quality espresso’, said UK Market Director Ashley Weller, ‘These premium coffee blends are blended specifically so that they keep their properties intact until the moment they’re brewed in a vending machine, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee, every time. The Expert range can be delivered across a wide range of machines, from the small footprint of a table-top, right up to high-capacity free-standing machines. So, from boardrooms to, for instance, busy call-centre break-out areas, top quality coffee is a genuine option.’

Complete Coffee Solutions
Classy Range


In a recent article, the BBC asked a number of respondents how they felt about returning to the office. Younger employees, whose ‘work from home’ arrangements were less than ideal, were looking forward to going in to work again. One young man, who works in media sales in a bustling environment, said: ‘I didn’t have a desk or anything like that (when I worked at home). ‘I sat on a box I used for washing and put my computer on an ironing board! There is just no question: I work better in the office, getting a coffee, having a little chat.’

With fresh bean coffee on offer, that particular experience will be enhanced – and there must be countless others, who have had to endure a similar predicament during lockdown, for whom the availability of top-quality coffee would be the icing on the return-to-work ‘cake’. The recent UK Vending Industry 2020 Census echoed these sentiments, indicating that many employers were looking to enhance their facilities to help make days in the office feel that extra bit more special.*

‘I think we tend to underestimate the contribution that a great cup of coffee in the office can make to the well-being of office workers, not least in the savings they can make against the cost of a similar coffee on the High Street’, Ashley said. ‘That’s why the arrival of the ‘Expert’ range is a real opportunity for employers to up their game and exceed the expectations of their employees. It’s clear that, for many, the coffee break is an important and integral part of life in an office community.’


Complete Coffee Solution

Coffee Solution
Ashley Weller

Those who work in more intimate environments, such as small professional practices, have not been left behind in Lavazza Professional’s mission to make great coffee available to all. ‘That is the thinking behind the introduction of our ‘Lavazza BLUE’ range of coffee capsules’, Ashley said. ‘The BLUE range consists of six coffee varieties, one of which will be sure to appeal to the most discerning of coffee lovers. We are introducing a choice of three excellent capsule machines – two of which have the option of including fresh milk – designed to serve the perfect cup, time after time. The capsule machines are simple to install and since they require no plumbing, they can be located anywhere in the office.

Complete Coffee Solution

‘We call it ‘technology for every workplace’, Ashley added. ‘With coffee now available in capsule, in pack; in machine or in-cup, we have a comprehensive offer; a complete coffee solution to suit all needs, habits and locations. Lavazza Professional’s quest is to deliver ‘perfection in every cup’. Our products are responsible for producing a staggering 650m drinks across Europe and with the addition of fresh beans and capsules to our burgeoning portfolio, we have substantially expanded our capabilities.

‘For companies great and small, we now have quality products – and the quality service that comes with them as standard – to suit every workplace.

*UK Vending Industry 2020 Census, AVA May 2021

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