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Vendman and Planet Vending unite to take ‘excellence’ to the top of the vending agenda.


Following the tremendous success of Vendman’s inaugural ‘Centres Of Excellence’ symposium at Northcote in November, Planet Vending is delighted to announce that Vendman has agreed to sponsor a series of events that will criss-cross the country throughout 2015 and into 2016, called ‘In Pursuit Of Excellence.’

Each of the events, which will be organised by your favourite industry news portal ‘Planet Vending’, will be hosted at a venue that is synonymous with ‘excellence’, and local vending operators – regardless of whether or not they are Vendman customers – will be invited to attend.

‘The symposia will be all about taking ‘excellence’ to the top of the vending agenda’, Vendman MD Rob Little said, ‘they won’t be a series of Vendman presentations in disguise! One of the highlights of our Northcote event was hearing how Nigel Haworth and Craig Bancroft approach the achievement of ‘excellence’. They’ve had amazing success over thirty or so years and although they operate in a different industry, it was fascinating for us all to discover that ‘attention to detail’ and ‘listening to customers’ is their focus, just as it’s ours. We’re sure that this will be a recurring theme throughout the events.’

Rob Little 620
Vendman MD Rob Little.


PV Publisher Yvonne Reynolds-Young is delighted to combine with Vendman to deliver ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’. ‘We created Planet Vending to help demonstrate to the wider community just how good vending in the UK can be’, she said. ‘These meetings will enable the industry to be seen to be focusing on achieving excellence. We’re hoping to add selected purchasers of vending services to join us to see how committed the industry is to doing the best possible job.’

Venues are yet to be confirmed; but expect them to be establishments with the highest possible standards. Having said that, Northcote will be a hard act to follow…

‘We were delighted with the feedback we received after our ‘Centres Of Excellence’ event and no doubt the bush telegraph will mean that places at the forthcoming events will be at a premium’, Rob said.

Wherever you are in the UK, please contact Yvonne Reynolds-Young, Publisher, Planet Vending’, to express your interest in attending an ‘In Pursuit Of Excellence’ symposium:

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Planet Vending’s Editor is Ian Reynolds-Young and it’s Ian’s unique writing talent that has made PV what it is today – the best read (red) vending blog in the world, and vending’s best read (reed). Ian ‘tripped and fell into vending’, in the capacity of PR executive, before launching a specialist agency, ‘reynoldscopy’, dedicated to the UK Vending business. The company continues to represent the interests of many of the sector’s leading brands.

‘It’s all about telling stories’, he says. ‘We want to make every visit to PV a rewarding experience. By celebrating the achievements of the UK’s operating companies, we’re on a mission to debunk the idea that vending is retailing’s poor relation.’

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