Lavazza Professional’s breakthrough KLIX Eco Cup™ on the podium at the Ecopack Challenge in Birmingham

PV was one of the first to break the news in January of the launch of Lavazza Professional’s new KLIX Eco CupTM ,so we’re delighted to see that after such a short time on the market it was a finalist in the Ecopack Challenge.

Lavazza Professional’s KLIX Eco CupTM was a finalist at the Ecopack Challenge, held on February 26th in conjunction with the Packaging Innovations event in Birmingham. The cup is made by Benders Paper Cups from Kotkamills’ fully recyclable, polyethylene-free board. This recognition is a big step forward in the sustainability journey that Kotkamills, Lavazza Professional and Benders Paper Cups have undertaken together with the development of the new KLIX Eco CupTM.

Lavazza Professional’s range of beverage vending machines lead the workplace drinks market with sustainability features. Specifically designed for workplaces, the named KLIX© vending machines have low energy need, standby mode, efficient boiler systems, and they heat just enough water at precisely the right temperature. With the new KLIX Eco Cup™, KLIX© is an answer to the request for a more environmentally-friendly solution in vending.

“Calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers increased our commitment to offering our customers and consumers a revolutionary solution to meet their needs: KLIX Eco Cup™ marks another step forward in our mission to deliver the most sustainable drinks vending solutions in the world,” notes Ashley Weller, General Manager Lavazza Professional UK.

Benders have a long history of material development and in particular working with alternative materials to polyethylene coated boards.

Ecopack Challenge

Ecopack Challenge

“We have worked with Lavazza Pro for many years and are proud to be partnering them in the development of the new KLIX Eco Cup™”, comments Andy Cunliffe, Managing Director, Benders Paper Cups.

Kotkamills ISLA® barrier board uses a water-based dispersion process, eliminating the need for a separate polyethylene (PE) coating. Therefore, the cups do not have to be processed at a specialist recycling plant – instead, they are recyclable with normal paper waste, like office paper.

“We are pleased about the collaboration with Lavazza Professional and Benders. We share a goal of deeply rooting the eco-friendly way of thinking and substantially increasing recycling. The Ecopack Challenge is excellent recognition of our collaboration,” sums up Markku Hämäläinen, CEO, Kotkamills.

The jury of the Ecopack challenge focused on the uniqueness and recyclability of the KLIX Eco CupTM. The KLIX Eco Cup™ is designed as a replacement for plastic cups and is manufactured using paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, accredited by PEFC™, and it can be recycled in paper waste up to seven times, guaranteeing low environmental impact.

A Life Cycle Assessment run by the external consultancy WSP states that using the new KLIX Eco Cup™ reduces environmental impacts by almost 2/3 compared to a standard paper cup.*


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The Ecopack Challenge is arranged by the Packaging Innovations organisation in collaboration with Marks & Spencer. The goal is to find revolutionary innovations that make packaging solutions more eco-friendly and more recyclable. The winner of the Ecopack Challenge will have the chance to further develop its product with Marks & Spencer.

*KLIX Eco Cup™ in a recycling scenario vs a standard paper cup most likely to end in a landfill (LCA data from WSP July 2019, project reference 70054350 and November 2019, project reference 70054350-DEL-004).


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