With DCS, Did You Know You Can Get Paid For Recycling Your Old Vending Machines?*…

Turn your redundant machines into cash…

Is there a corner of your warehouse or your yard where old vending machines go to die? Or are you finding it difficult to source a reputable company to recycle who will recycle for you? Disposing of redundant machines has always been an operator’s headache but now, there’s a company that not only take machines with cooling equipment off your hands, they’ll also pay you for the privilege…

Davis Commercial Services – DCS – specialises in recycling cooling equipment. The company is based in Northants it has an Environmental permit and is AATF licensed. That means that the Environment Agency has inspected the site and awarded it the highest standard available standard for sites that treat WEEE waste.

‘For us, it’s all about delivering a high quality service to clients to reassure them that they’re acting responsibly when they recycle obsolete kit’, Touka Cosens said. (Touka is Senior Business Development Manager at DCS, and he’s the company’s interface with the vending industry).

So, how would Touka sum-up DCS’s approach to business? ‘Integrity and professionalism’, he says, ‘and we’re making it easy for companies to do the right thing when their machines reach end of life. Those are our core values in a nutshell. We really are on a mission to protect the environment by recycling as effectively as possible.’

Touka Cosens

In fact, DCS is making the decision to recycle a no-brainer, by giving companies money back for those redundant vending machines that contain cooling equipment. ‘Over the past 3 years, we’ve invested heavily in upgrading our equipment and developing innovative treatments, consequently we’re now in a position to give clients rebates on their waste’, Touka said. ‘Our operation really is state of the art and it facilitates depollution, metal separation and material treatment. Because of this, we get top prices when we sell on the materials we recover and that’s what allows us to offer clients money back on cooling equipment.’

DCS may be a new name in the vending arena but it has a hugely impressive track record of service to the retail trade and particularly supermarkets. This has enabled the company to develop strong relationships with haulage and logistics companies. It means that, wherever you’re based in the UK, DCS can collect your machines and get them to the facility.

‘We specifically work with companies assigned to cabinet deliveries and installations in supermarkets, then we ‘close the loop’, reducing our clients’ carbon footprints and improving their sustainability profiles’, Touka said. ‘Keeping with the Green theme, its possible to reduce carbon footprint by using DCS to close the loop in logistics as they have vehicles all over the country ready to collect from your area, anywhere in the UK.

In the modern era, where compliance with legal requirements is essential and failure to comply has punitive consequences, DCS do everything possible to cover their clients’ backs. ‘It’s massively important that the ‘paper trail’ is transparent and incontrovertible’, Touka said, ‘which is why we retain all our clients’ Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes and Certificates of Destruction for life.’

You can keep track of your particular ‘paperwork’ on line, thanks to a secure portal. ‘All our clients have a designated folder in which completed legal documentation is filed. If necessary, they can easily be downloaded. You don’t even have to be in the office’, Touka said, ‘you can view your recycling history whenever you like, wherever you are, thanks to our dedicated smart-phone app.’

Vending industry tenders increasingly require that potential suppliers tick some difficult boxes in terms of CSR, sustainability and recycling. DCS is acutely aware of this and that’s why they say ‘our door is always open’. If a prospective customer wants to see exactly what happens to their obsolete machines, you can take them down to Northants to see for themselves. Failing that, a professionally produced video is available for them to watch.

Better yet, when you use DCS to recycle your cooling equipment, you’ll be issued with a nationally recognised certificate that proves your business has achieved zero landfill. ‘It’s called a BATRRT certificate’, Touka said, and it stands for ‘Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques.’ It means that holders of the certificate are, quite literally, doing their very best to ensure their old machines are never allowed to pollute our environment. Really, there’s no better way to add critical value to your sustainability and green credentials.’

‘The Environment Agency requires that all of our recycling processes are compliant with and undertaken within the WEEE directive’, Touka explained. ‘Consequently, we’re trained and certified by organisations such as Wamitab and F Gas. They make sure that we’re fully compliant at all times and that we’re working to the standards set by the Environment Agency and the Government. So, you can be sure that the certificates we issue are worth a lot more than the paper they’re printed on!’

Finally, DCS has recently been awarded with the Green Apple Environmental Awards, and is very proud to be the winners for retaining the highest possible recycling rate on cooling equipment. Be assured therefore that redundant equipment will not end up in landfill, but will be recycled to the highest standard possible.

There’s more information on recycling cooling equipment on the DCS website here or call their Business Development Manager, Touka Cosens on 01604 813887 / 07852344366 or on email Touka@dcsint.co.uk.

*Refers to vending machines with cooling systems


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