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CBD Beverages: Will The Increasing Domestic Demand Be Reflected At Work?

CBD Beverages: The lockdown has decimated beverage sales for vending operators; but meanwhile, retail sales of alcohol, tea and coffee in the UK have soared. As a recognised nation of tea lovers, Brits consume a jaw-dropping 165 million cups a day. Whilst in isolation however, demand has reached an all time high in the UK, with lockdown measures making Brits more trigger happy with the kettle. It therefore stands to reason that grocery stores also rang up an extra £24m in tea and coffee sales.

With the hero drink coming to the rescue for Brits during lockdown, there is now an array of potential ways that SME tea manufacturers can innovate Britain’s favourite drink to ensure FMCG goods succeed despite the restrictive measures retail finds itself in.

CBD BeveragesOne beneficiary of the new normal are CBD Beverages such as Hatter’s Hemp Tea. The launch of all four Hatters Hemp infused flavours comes after a hugely successful soft launch period of their vegan-friendly tea. The tea quickly became the fastest-selling tea for 2020 in Holland & Barrett following their sale of over 25,000 boxes in their first month, with further outstanding sales growing month on month throughout the lockdown period. Every flavour of Hatter’s Hemp Tea is now available in-store and online.

“Retailing popular and existing products has been a minefield during the lockdown period, so for SMEs launching new products to our shelves, it has undoubtedly been an uphill struggle” Simon Manthorpe, CEO and Founder of Hatter’s Hemp Tea, told PV. “However, for creative and innovative SMEs that have spotted a gap in the market, the opportunities are still bountiful.” CBD Beverages appear to be a case in point…

“We saw that there was an opportunity to infuse the nation’s favourite drink with CBD, but without compromising on the traditional flavours that we all know and love. Spotting this gap was essential. It so happened that the popularity of CBD Beverages has soared during the lockdown phase too. Having an online presence through e-commerce routes was a strategic move that allowed customers to view our products quickly, without needing to rely physical retail.

“With a captive market clamouring for the relaxing benefits of CBD – during what has proven to be an extremely stressful period for millions – SMEs like us should look to be forward thinking and see what opportunities can arise through these testing times.”

As people return to the workplace – albeit not as quickly as we’d like – will the demand for CBD beverages come with them, or will drinking Hemp Tea become a guilty secret?

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