Big Sam: ‘Most big clubs love a coffee.’

Pictured: Sam Allardyce, West Ham boss.


Good news and bad news for the vending industry from Big Sam in today’s Mail Online. Apparently, top footy clubs are not beyond instructing players to imbibe a cheeky espresso before taking to the field. The Hammers guv’nor told the paper that caffeine, which was on the banned list just a few short years ago, is now used widely. ‘At West Ham, we have caffeine in many shapes and sizes’ he said, ‘standard coffee, short shots and tablets. But it is all based on a spiking scenario.’

Which is great PR for us purveyors of workplace beverages. We can see it now; a national campaign headed ‘Sam Says’. Such as ‘Sam Says ‘Do it bettero? Espresso doppio’. How cool would that be? It’d be ‘a spiking scenario’ for the sales curve, wouldn’t it? He’d be Saint Sam, the patron saint of vending.

‘Do it bettero?

Espresso doppio!’

But then he goes and spoils is all, by saying something stupid like ‘Caffeine makes you feel good before you play. You don’t use it every day, otherwise you nullify the effect of it…’ Not every day? Sam, Sam, Sam!

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Read the full, lamentable missed opportunity right here. And imagine what might have been.


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