The AVA Live Team Have Their Say…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended AVA Live. The support we have had over the past six months building up to the event from delegates, sponsors (and everybody else in Vending), has been incredible. We can’t thank you all enough for your belief in the AVA.

AVA Live was new, so we understand that there were aspects that will need to be executed differently next time. So far you’ve given the AVA Live Team really helpful and constructive criticism; something this industry excels at! Your honesty and willingness to support the AVA and, in particular a new format Annual Midsummer event, ensures we look to the future both hopeful and with excitement.Mike Cane demonstrating the charity fizz machine - by Crane

Of course, a big thank you to our sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible; 365 Retail Markets, Crane Merchandising Systems, CCEP, Coffetek, EVOCA, Nebrak, Nestlé Professional, Scobie McIntosh, Red Bull, Regency Design, aeguana, Diablo, Excalibur Refreshed, JDE Professional, Mondelez, Nupik Flo and Vendex. T H A N K Y O U!



What a blast for our 90th  Anniversary Party, with more than 250 people packing the room networking, enjoying the games and generally having fun like only we know how! Nobody needed help finding the Macmillan Charity Vending machines or reliving their misspent youth smashing a round of Space Invaders! Your generosity means that on behalf of everyone we will donate £1,600 to Macmillan Cancer Support. Food is always a tricky one to get right and whilst we know that not everyone likes a buffet, it did enable you and The AVA Live Team to create a warm, informal feel to the night, making it truly special.

Phil Millard

The overwhelming feedback for The Leadership Symposium was positive, but a common theme in the feedback was not to hold it the day after a Party! The sessions were packed and engagement was good, despite a great night before! We hear you; whilst the speakers were captivating and relatable, get the timing right!

Your feedback tells us that you enjoyed all the expert speakers who, at times, challenged our usual thinking, particularly the entire Environmental panel and the controversial, yet fascinating, Alastair Campbell. You’d probably like to know that Alastair’s fee will be donated to his Charity, the Maytree Foundation (

AVA Live Team
Alistair Campbell in mischievous full flow…

We are privileged to protect, promote and enhance a fabulous group of businesses and personalities who represent this industry and the dynamic and ever-changing opportunities that exist for our future.

So, in closing, maybe AVA-Live could be described as Midsummer Madness. Intentionally, the AVA Team and Board took a bold decision to do different things and do them differently by creating AVA-Live. Overall, however, the new format was positively received and we feel it was a unique way to show what the AVA has achieved in its outstanding 90 year history.

Until the next one, Thank You.

You’ll find the PV AVA Live archive here

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